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June 10, 2014

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Three for Three?: Frank Schilling Offers Yet Another Way for Domain Owners to Make Money

Frank Schilling's story is well-known, from initially making his fortune as a domain investor (detailed in a December 2007 DN Journal Cover Story) to his expansion into providing domain services for his fellow investors (a move chronicled in a second DN Journal Cover Story in November 2012). He has already produced two big hits as a service provider, first with a disruptive domain monetization service (Internet Traffic), followed by an innovative domain sales platform in DomainNameSales.com.

He is now trying to make it three for three as a domain registrar/registry operator (offering new gTLDs) at Uniregistry.com. At first glance, the registrar/registry operations didn't appear to offer domain owners a way to make money in the way that Schilling's PPC and domain sales platforms did, but with the announcement of a new Uniregistry affiliate program on his blog Thursday, Frank has covered that base yet again. 

Frank Schilling
Uniregistry Founder 

Those who sign up for the program can put Uniregistry links on their own websites, landing pages, social media posts, etc. and earn a commission any time someone clicks that link and registers a domain name. While that is standard procedure with a lot of affiliate programs, Schilling, as we have all come to expect, came up with a way to add significant value to the equation - you not only get paid when they register the domain, you get paid the same commission every time they renew it.

The amount of the commission will depend on the extension registered, with the highest rates being paid for registrations in Uniregistry'd own new TLDs. Uniregistry's VP of Partner Operations, John Smrekar, who has been spending a lot of his time helping build the affiliate program into one that will stand out from the crowd told us, " If they register one of our offerings, like the new .sexy or .link TLDs, you get 35%. For .Com and .Net it is 30% and for all other TLDs it is 20%. Most importantly, we are paying affiliates the same commission every time the domains purchased are renewed, so each domain registered is like a commission stream."

In his blog post Schilling talked about not finding his career calling until he was in his 30s and finally stumbled upon the world of domains. Ever since he has examined every conceivable way to make money with domains - including affiliate programs. He wrote about his eureka moment that led to Uniregistry's affiliate program, wondering "what if there was an affiliate 

John Smrekar
Uniregistry VP, Partner Operations

program that paid the affiliate for the sale and then treated them more like a registrar-reseller in the future; compensating them again when the name is renewed? Now you’ve got a model that can get website owners to invest, to put their shoulder to the wheel and sell some names in volume – creating a business inside our business. What if that affiliate program could payout across legacy extensions like .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info too! That would “really” be great!! Well I couldn’t find a generous affiliate program like that folks – so I had to make my own."

The doors have just opened on his latest enterprise, so it's too early to know if Schilling will hit another one out of the park with Uniregsitry and its affiliate program but, if you look at his track record over the years, betting on him has been a lot more profitable than betting against him.

(Posted April 4, 2014) 

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