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February 13, 2015

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Globerunner Releases Updated  .COM Vs. New gTLD Google Marketing Test Results and the Winner Is...

Last summer we told you about an interesting .COM Vs. New gTLD marketing test conducted by Bill Hartzer, the Senior SEO Strategist at Globerunner.com. Hartzer's results, detailed in a 27-page white paper, led him to conclude that .com did not have the superiority in a Google 

Bill Hartzer, Senior SEO Strategist

Adwords marketing campaign that many maight have expected. After seeing .coms fare better by some measures, and new gTLDs better by others, Hartzer said, "We are not totally convinced that one is necessarily “better” than the other."

Hartzer conducted his original study in May 2014 and, wondering how much things might have changed over an 8-month period, he re-ran his tests again last month (January 2015) and has just published the results from the rematch on his blog and in another extensively detailed white paper than you can download at no charge from a link at the conclusion of his blog post

The bottom line was that the performance of new gTLDs has made further inroads from a search engine marketing standpoint vs. com (the opposite of what we are seeing in the domain aftermarket arena where the .coms seem to have gotten stronger than ever). Hartzer's new tests showed that when comparing the same keyword in .com vs. a new gTLD (i.e., 

3CaratDiamonds.com vs. 3Carat.diamonds) the .com had a 31.76% Conversion Rate vs. 29.11% on .Diamonds in January. In the 2014 test .com won by a much bigger margin - with a 52% Conversion Rate vs. 36% on .Diamonds. As a result Hartzer noted, "the New gTLD is converting just as well now as the .COM" while it cost twice as much to advertise the .com as the new gTLD. So, which would you rather use for a Google AdWords campaign? A .com domain name that costs more, or use a New gTLD domain name that costs less to use, and converts just as well as a .com domain name?"

Most domain investors are gauging the success (or lack thereof) for new gTLDs by their registration numbers and aftermarket sales figures - both of which naturally pale in comparison to .com at this early stage of the game (we are just concluding the first year since new gTLDs started entering general availability). While we don't yet know if buying new gTLDs for resale will be a profitable pursuit, Hartzer's study indicates those more interesting in building online businesses and marketing them through search engines may be the first to reap rewards from well chosen new gTLD names. 

(Posted February 13, 2015) 

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