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August 02, 2016

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Uniregistry Had 22 Previously Unreported 6-Figure Domain Sales in 2015 - Here is the List

If you read our weekly domain sales reports you know that over the past three weeks we charted hundreds of previously unreported Uniregistry domain sales from the first half of this year. That data came from their VP of Sales (and one of the most successful domain brokers in industry history) Jeff Gabriel, who sent us a file containing all of the company's top sales dating back to February 2015 (the last time the company released sales data). There were thousands of sales in the file totaling approximately $42 million

We wanted to get the current year sales out first and due to the vast amount of data we broke it into three groups, charting the January-February sales in our July 14 column, March-April sales the next week and finally May-June sales last week.

Now that we have Uniregistry's most recent sales on the record, I turned to their huge list of previously unreported 2015 sales. We don't include sales from previous years in our weekly sales reports, but if any that come in are large enough we add them to the appropriate year's Top 100 Sales Chart in our Domain Sales Archive. 22 of Uniregistry's 2015 sales, all .coms and all in six figures, qualified for our 2015 Top 100 Chart and have now been added to that list. 

Image from Bigstock.com


One of those, RP.com at $575,000, rank among the 10 biggest sales of 2015. In the table below you can see all of the Uniregistry sales that were added to the chart, along with where they rank on the 2015 Top 100:

Domain Name


Date Sold

2015 Top 100 Ranking

RP.com $575,000


#10 (tie) 
Yinyue.com $240,000


FinancialNews.com $200,000


#32 (tie)
Say.com (co-brokered with MediaOptions.com) $200,000


#32 (tie)
Fenghuang.com $195,000


Recette.com $170,000


SportsWorld.com $150,000


#49 (tie)
Discuss.com $150,000


#49 (tie)
DrugAddiction.com $150,000


#49 (tie)
5432.com $148,000


Enersis.com $145,237


U8.com $130,000


#70 (tie)
Tonix.com $120,000


#81 (tie)
Ocio.com $120,000


#81 (tie)
CDKey.com $110,000


#88 (tie)
SOP.com $110,000


#88 (tie)
Lokai.com $105,000


#93 (tie)
NewsAsia.com $105,000


#93 (tie)
Generosity.com $100,000


#99 (tie)
MetaTrader.com $100,000


#99 (tie)
RTV.com $100,000


#99 (tie)
CIP.com (co-brokered with MediaOptions.com) $100,000


#99 (tie)

Uniregistry had hundreds of other notable 2015 sales that helped paint a much clearer picture of activity in the aftermarket last year, so we also prepared a special document (in Excel format) that includes all of the 2015 sales they reported (over 2,400 in all, including ccTLDs and non .com gTLDs).

This treasure trove of data from Uniregistry is immensely helpful to domain investors who study previous sales to get a better understanding of market trends and the prices specific kinds of domains sell for. We are very appreciative of their willingness to share their results, information that can help all of us become smarter, more successful domain investors. 

(Posted August 1, 2016) 

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