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August 01, 2017

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NameSummit to Emphasize Key Role of Domains at Next Week's Digital Branding Conference in New York

The new NameSummit conference that I first told you about April (with an update four weeks ago) gets underway next Monday, August 7, 2017 in New York City at the Hilton Midtown Manhattan. The two-day event will cover a much broader range of subject matter than we normally see in domain conferences - basically everything related to launching and operating a business online, including domain acquisition, website development, SEO, social media, marketing and management. The scope is so 

broad NameSummit is describing itself as "A Digital Branding Conference" rather than a domain conference.  Show Co-Founder Jason Schaeffer said the show is built around the idea that "everyone is an influencer whether you have 1 million followers or just one, whether YOU are the brand or work for one, we are covering what you need to build your brand, reach and messaging." You can check out their full agenda here.

(Left to right): NameSummit Co-Founders Jason Schaeffer and Steven Kaziyev and 
Andrew Rosener (who is Co-Producing the conference along with Ari Goldberger).

I think Schaeffer (from ESQWire.com), Kaziyev (NewYorkMedia.com), Rosener (MediaOptions.com) and Goldberger (ESQWire.com) were wise to expand the reach of the event, especially with its location in New York City where so many companies associated with the various facets of building and marketing a business are located. With the cross pollination between those fields and its face to face networking opportunities, NameSummit should appeal to a broad range of internet professionals in the Big Apple.

I'm sure some are thinking that sounds good but many (if not most) domain investors are not interested in developing a business - they are perfectly content with simply buying and selling domains. Why would they want to go to a conference where a lot of the content will be devoted to areas they may not be that interested in? Before I even had a chance to ask that question, Jason Schaeffer mentioned to me, "Underlying everything at NameSummit will be the consistent message that you need a domain name and home for your content, so we are striving to provide a positive platform for domains and gTLDs. Thatís precisely why we created this event."

It's a great point, especially in a time when some new business owners think a Facebook account is all they need for their online presence (overlooking the obvious fact that doing that essentially turns the keys to your business over to Facebook rather than keeping your enterprise under your control where it belongs. If Facebook decides you have violated their rules in some way - real or imagined - they can instantly put you out of business online which - in today's world - pretty much means out of business all together."

At NameSummit, you can help the organizers reinforce that 

Image from Bigstock

message, but of more immediate importance, you can meet face to face with a lot of people getting ready to set up and brand a business - people for whom you may just happen to have the perfect domain name for their enterprise.

Also, I've always believed domain investors would be wise to develop at least one website. It is a great skill set to have and if you hit on an idea that attracts an audience you could create a new revenue stream that could come in very handy in between the ups ands downs that come with relying purely on domain sales and monetization. You can learn how to do that at NameSummit and do it a comfortable setting where you will see many of those domain industry faces you've become so familiar with over the years including, to name just a few, Tobias Flaitz (Sedo CEO), Rob Monster (Epik CEO), Jeff Sass (.CLUB), Lori Anne Wardi (Neustar), Ari Goldberger (ESQWire.com), Larry Fischer (GetYourDomain.com), Brett Lewis (Lewis & Lin), Amanda Waltz (BrandIT), Victor Pitts (MMX), John Colascione (LongIsland.com) and many more. 

I will also be there to cover the event from start to finish for our readers (with daily photos & highlights in this column) and am also looking forward to seeing all of you who can make it in person. I'm sure it is going to be time very well spent!

(Posted July 31, 2017)

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