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Domain Name Journal is an Internet Edge, Inc. company. Internet Edge, Inc. is a Florida corporation founded in 2000 that is focused on web publishing, domain sales and monetization.

General Contact Information:

Ron Jackson
E-Mail: Editor@DNJournal.com 
Phone: (813) 792-9750
(Due to rampant telemarketer abuse we route ALL calls through Nomorobo.com (whom we recommend highly). Any calls they do not intercept go to our voice mail. Leave a message or send us an email if you want a callback or response.
Internet Edge, Inc.
PO Box 1717
Land O Lakes FL 34639

(Email us before sending physical items to this box as it is used primarily as a WhoIs address and is not frequently checked. Contact us if a street address is needed for shipping purposes).

Staff & E-Mail Addresses Notes
Ron Jackson
Editor & Publisher 
Bio/Letter From the Editor


Ari Goldberger
Legal Affairs Consultant
Ari Goldberger is one of the world's leading domain name attorneys. He is the founder of ESQwire.com, a pioneering internet law site established in 1994. Biography

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