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November 15, 2019

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3-Letter .Coms Claim 3 of Week's 5 Biggest Sales - One of Year's 10 Biggest Non .Com gTLD Sales Also Reported

This week the domain aftermarket produced something for everyone. Of course, the .coms ended up with their usual full plate, taking the first three spots on our latest weekly all extension Top 20 Sales Chart and 15 of 20 entries overall. However, the non .com gTLDs also had something to celebrate with two of that group's biggest sales of the year to date, and the ccTLDs posted one of 2019's Top 25 in that category (you can see the Year to Date Top 100 Charts for all categories here).

Sedo led the .com hit parade with chart topper Saxx.com at $65,000 and a pair of 3-letter .coms that followed - OLI.com at $50,000 and ZEQ.com at $43,200. They added yet another one with #5 DYO.com commanding $35,000. Sedo went on to pile up 14 chart entries overall.

The non. com gTLDs scored with a pair of new gTLDs - #4 New.work at $38,000 and #9 All.life at $25,000. New.work is one of the year's 10 biggest  non .com gTLD sales to date and All.life ranks among the top 15. Both domains were sold to corporate buyers last spring but were just recently reported by the seller, New.life. In a deal handled by Uniregistry North Carolina based GK Software bought New.work while one of the world's biggest hotel chains, ACCOR, used Afternic to secure All.life (ACCOR has been using ALL as an acronym in their marketing with the letters standing for ACCOR, Live and Limitless respectively). Still, neither buyer has done anything with their new acquisition yet. You can read background on these two sales in a thread the seller is participating in at NamePros.

By Ron Jackson

The ccTLDs put three names on the Big Board, all sold through Sedo, with #7 Odds.co leading that trio at $31,500. That ranks among 2019's 25 biggest country code sales to date. Another landed in this week's top ten with #10 DJ.de going for $21,589.

In addition the sales venues already mentioned, AbdulBasit.com earned chart honors with a $15,000 sale of #15 (tie) GymMaster.com that helped the .com cause.    

Here's how all of the sales leaders stacked for the week ending Sunday, November 10, 2019:  

HealthInsurance Services, Inc
eHealthInsurance Services, Inc
eHealthInsurance Services, Inc

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1. Saxx.com