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July 29, 2019

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Domain Sales Explode with 6 Six-Figure Sales Igniting the Blast - Year's 2 Biggest ccTLD Sales to Date Helped Fuel the Fire 

With one of America's biggest holidays - Independence Day (July 4) - sending a lot of people off to the beach or to their barbecue grills early last week, we had so little sales information come in we decided to just wait and combine two weeks of information into one column this week. Turns out that was all just the calm before the storm. Like fireworks on the 4th, a remarkable explosion of big sales lit up the aftermarket sky over the past few days. One of them, Michael's Castello's $1.5 million sale of Room.com, was the subject of our latest Cover Story, published yesterday (July 9). 

That one won't be charted for awhile because the the company that bought it will be paying the balance over time - but we still wound up with the year's most bountiful all extension Top 20 Sales Chart - one blessed with a half-dozen six-figure sales, the year's two biggest ccTLD sales to date and one of the year's top five non .com gTLD sales. There were so many five-figure sales we could have filled two charts with them. Sedo set off the biggest blast with a £390,000 ($487,500) sale of BettingOdds.com. A UK-based gaming company bought the domain and they already have a Coming Soon splash page on it - but no information beyond that yet. 

By Ron Jackson

The #2 spot on the elite list went to the year's biggest 3-letter .com sale to date - NCC.com at $300,000. It was another feather in the cap of Mark Thomas at VIPBrokerage.com, who already had the year's 2nd biggest sale to date in California.com at $3 million in January (you can see all of the year's Top 100 Sales to date here).

Sedo stepped back into the spotlight with an $188,000 sale of #3 Crystals.com as well as a deal they worked on with Nidoma.com to complete the year's biggest ccTLD sale to date - #4 Viajes.es ("travel" in Spanish) at €147,000 ($166,110). Sedo broker Frank Tillmanns represented the buyer while Nidoma CEO Simone Ferracuti was on the seller's side of that one.

Another huge ccTLD sale rounded out the first five. Industry veteran Ned O'Meara at VPE Pty Ltd. brokered the AUD $168,300 (USD $117,810) sale of #5 Pay.com.au, making it 2019's 2nd biggest country code sale to date. Ned happened to be the guy who sold this domain to the current seller a few years ago. O'Meara was also already acquainted with the buyer so both parties wanted him to handle the negotiations.

The hits just kept on coming with BQDN's sales of #6 Role.com at $100,000 and #7 8T.com at $87,000. The latter one just became part of chart history.  8T.com is also the #8 sale at $76,000! How can that be? It went down like this...8T.com was sold in last month's NameJet/RightOfTheDot auction at NamesCon Europe for $76,000. Just days later, BQDN Founder James Booth, representing the buyer, found another investor in China who was willing to pay $87,000 for the domain,  so it was sold again, giving the initial buyer a quick, tidy $11,000 profit (less commissions). Booth did the exact same thing with another auction purchase. After his client (the same one who bought 8T.com) bought 2197.com in Lisbon for $19,500, Booth moved it on to China for $27,000, ringing up another quick, high profit flip. As if all of that wasn't enough, Booth also brokered a sale of Wind.com this week. While he can't disclose the exact price paid he indicated it went in the mid six-figure range.

In yet another notable sale this week, Sedo sold #9 HorseRacing.net for $60,000 in the fourth biggest non .com gTLD sale posted so far this year. Here's a look at how all of the sales leaders stacked for the week ending Sunday, July 7, 2019:

HealthInsurance Services, Inc
eHealthInsurance Services, Inc
eHealthInsurance Services, Inc

The DN Journal Top 20 
Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. July 1, 2019 - Sun. July 7, 2019
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1. BettingOdds.com £390,000 = $487,500 Sedo