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For the 4th Report in a Row a 7-Figure Sale Caps DNJournal's Top 20 Domain Sales Chart

Summer is here and a lot of people are on vacation but high end domain buyers have yet to take a break. For the fourth consecutive edition of our bi-weekly domain sales report, a 7-figure sale crowns our all extension Top 20 Sales Chart.


The string started with Exodus.com at $1,945,000 in early June, followed two weeks later by Meme.com ($1,250,000), then eBike.com ($1,008,900) earlier this month. This time around the track it is EE.com doing the honors at $1,350,000. We first reported details of that sale in our Lowdown section last week. As has been the case with so many of these premier 2-letter .com domains, the rare name went to a buyer in China.

The EE.com deal was co-brokered for the seller by Mark Thomas at VIP Brokerage and John Mauriello at DomainAssets.com. This gives Thomas two of the year's four biggest sales to date, including the #1 position with his Christmas.com sale at $3.15 million in February.

A pair of solid six-figure sales fill the next two spots on the elite list. As Elliot Silver reported at DomainInvesting.com last week, veteran domain investor/broker Andy Booth bought #2 Velvet.com for $350,000. After the 2-letter .com and the one-word .com sales, the progression continued with a two-word .com, #3 FollowUp.com at $250,000. As reported at DigitalJournal.com, a deal for the domain was cut last year that allowed the buyer to pay it off in 12 installments. The final payment was made earlier this month to close the transaction. 

In addition to these big charted sales, we learned of three other high end sales that can't be charted, at least for now. That's because we know the net amount received by the seller but not the price the buyer paid before the broker's commission was taken out. CanavasMedia.com had two of those, including another 2-letter .com sale. They netted $504,450 in a sell of OE.com and also received $82,730 after fees for Screw.com. Both of those names now point to landing pages belonging to one of the industry's most active high end investors, Brent Oxley

We saw the same scenario with a sale of Gus.com that Elliot Silver wrote about. Telepathy.com netted $300,000 for the domain in a deal brokered by GoDaddy, but we don't yet have the selling price. That will likely be revealed later this year. GoDaddy has been releasing monthly lists of their top 20 sales, but each list is for sales made several months back (for example, in June they released their top 20 sales from January). It is always very helpful information for tracking industry trends, is much appreciated and well worth waiting for.









     By Ron Jackson


As they say on late night TV, "But Wait! There's More!"  What bi-weekly report would be complete without George Kirikos uncovering yet another blockbuster sale? This time, as detailed on a post at his FreeSpeech.com blog, George discovered that Wise.com was sold for a price that was most likely very close to $2 million. We don't know the exact number because the prospectus that contained the information said that number represented "domain purchases."  So, it appears the Wise.com acquisition included one or more additional domains. However, these are often relatively low value domains registered for defensive purposes (for example, the .net or other TLD versions of the .com or others related in some way to the central domain). Had Wise.com been separated from the pack in the filing, it almost certainly would have been the highest publicly reported sale of 2020. As it stands now, that honor is currently held by Bullish.com at $1,080,000

UPDATE to the Wise.com story: After this report was published, MediaOptions.com CEO Andrew Rosener was able to confirm that his company had brokered the Wise.com sale, the price was $2 million and no other domains or assets were involved. Here is more on that. With the new information we will be able to add Wise.com to the #1 position our 2020 Top 100 Sales Chart when our next bi-weekly updates are made August 4.

We also continue to see a lot of big deals being done by veteran brokers under non-disclosure agreements (frequently required by parties to sales at the upper end of the market). Often the broker can't event hint at the price, but, as James Iles reported on his blog, Andrew Miller at ATM Holdings was able to confirm that a deal he did for Walk.com was a 7-figure transaction. If the we could see the numbers in all of the NDA sales that take place each year the figures would be astounding.

Getting back to this week's leader board, three non .com domains followed the three .coms at the top. A pair of ccTLD's tied for #4 at $35,000 apiece. Those were Buy.co at Sedo and Vue.io by Mark Ghoriafi at MrPremium.com. The non .com gTLDs also scored with #6 Drop.xyz at $30,000 in a private transaction.

Here is how all of the sales leaders stacked up for the two weeks ending Sunday, July 18, 2021:

The DN Journal Top 20 
Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. July 5, 2021 -  Sun. July 18, 2021
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect July 21, 2021)



Sold For

Where Sold

1. EE.com $1,350,000 VIP Brokerage/
2. Velvet.com $350,000 Pvt Sale
3. FollowUp.com $250,000 Pvt Sale
Buy.co $35,000 Sedo
Vue.io $35,000 MrPremium.com
6. Drop.xyz $30,000 Pvt Sale