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5 for 5: A Fifth Consecutive 7-Figure Sale That Ranks #3 YTD Tops New DNJournal Chart

Remember the "summer doldrums" - the season when business activity  typically slows down while people are off on vacation? If the doldrums still exist, the domain aftermarket apparently didn't get the memo! Business remains red hot in Domainville. For the fifth consecutive edition of our bi-weekly domain sales report, a 7-figure sale headlines our all extension Top 20 Sales Chart.


The string was extended when George Kirikos uncovered the $1,950,000 sale of IS.com in the first quarter of this year. George made the discovery by piecing together information in an SEC filing made by the buyer, ironSource Ltd, that was corroborated by other documentation he examined. IS.com becomes the 3rd biggest publicly reported domain sale so far this year 

Kirikos has had a busy and productive summer. A couple of weeks ago he uncovered information pointing to a $2 million sale of Wise.com in 2020 that was just short of being fully confirmed. The day after our last sales report, veteran broker Andrew Rosener at MediaOptions.com was able to confirm the price for Wise.com was correct and that he brokered the sale. With that information from George and Andrew in hand we have added Wise.com to the 2020 Top 100 Sales Chart in our Domain Sales Archive where it knocks the previous leader, Bullish.com at $1,080,000, out of the top spot.

In addition to the latest seven-figure sales, our new chart features eight six-figure sales! Seven of those came from GoDaddy after they released their top sales from the month of February (they release their top sales a few months in arrears to assure they are meeting their obligation as a public company to fully vet any financial information they make public). The GoDaddy roster was headed by #2 AVA.com at $792,000 and #3 LiveWire.com at $632,500. The six-figure sale that wasn't GoDaddy's is the $168,000 sale of #6 Dealmaker.com in a private transaction. Those big sales helped the .coms sweep 15 of the 20 chart entries. 


The ccTLDs, who have been strong all year, claimed three places, two that came from GoDaddy's new list plus a $58,310 sale of Cartecadeau.fr ("gift card" in French) at Sedo.








           By Ron Jackson

The non .com gTLDs shared in the wealth too, enjoying one of their best outings of the year en route to bagging two spots on the Big Board. GoDaddy accounted for both of those, banking $85,000 for #12 Alex.net and $59,888 for #18 PatientsRights.org. That Alex.net sale is the 3rd biggest non .com gTLD sale reported so far in 2021. 

With all of the great sales being posted this summer it is also worth noting that a lot of others not yet reported are also getting done through financing arrangements. With prices at the level they are now, some high end domains rival or exceed physical home prices and, just like expensive homes that usually require mortgages, expensive domains often involve payment plans that help bring top dollar. I got a good example of that this week when Joseph Carroll at Brandmo.com told me about an installment sale he made involving GreenPal.com. The price was $83,834 of which $58,834 has already been paid. The buyer is a national lawn care company that is pointing GreenPal.com to their existing website. While we won't be able to chart the sale until after the final payment and domain transfer, it is a good illustration of the very important role that financing plays in the aftermarker. By the way, Brandmo also had a completed ccTLD sale to report this week - the #10 sale of our ccTLD Top 20 Sales Chart (on page 2), Dash.fi at $10,075.

Here is how all of the sales leaders stacked up for the two weeks ending Sunday, August 1, 2021:

The DN Journal Top 20 
Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. July 19, 2021 -  Sun. Aug. 1, 2021
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect Aug. 4, 2021)



Sold For

Where Sold

1. IS.com $1,950,000 Pvt Sale
2. AVA.com $792,000 GoDaddy
3. LiveWire.com $632,500 GoDaddy
4. Monero.com $316,250 GoDaddy
5. Unchained.com $174,999 GoDaddy
6. Dealmaker.com $168,000 Pvt Sale