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July 22, 2016

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June 2016 Archive
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Here's the The Lowdown from DN Journal,
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to fill you in on the latest buzz going around the domain name industry. 

The Lowdown is compiled by DN Journal Editor & Publisher Ron Jackson.

Jodi Chamberlain Launches iSugar.live with Debut Event Set for New York City July 30

Event planner Jodi Chamberlain of 32Events.com is well-known in the domain world after many years of helping organize and stage major industry conferences around the world for NamesCon, T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and Domaining Europe among others. While Jodi has organized events in many other fields as well, she is about to take her biggest leap into the mainstream business world to date with the launch of  iSugar.live. Her new platform will stream inspirational and informative presentations from business leaders and successful entrepreneurs directly to computer screens or mobile devices around the world - and they will be offered free of charge.









Jodi Chamberlain
iSugar.live Founder

The concept will launch with Jodi's debut event in New York City on July 30, 2016 that will transmit from Projective Space L.E.S. at 72 Allen Street (3rd Floor). While anyone can register to watch the speaker's presentations wherever they are at no charge, there will also be a limited number of tickets sold for those who want to be onsite as part of the studio audience or the gala wrap up party that will conclude iSugar.live's launch day and night in the Big Apple. A $199 ticket covers all events and there is also a $150 ticket for those who only want to attend the evening party.

The day will begin with Breakfast Mimosas & Donuts from 8am-10am. Speakers will take center stage from 10am to 5pm (with a Studio Audience Networking Lunch from Noon - 1pm). The event will then conclude with the iSugar.live Party wrapping up a busy day and night from 5pm - 9pm.

Seven of the 10 planned speakers have already been named with their bios and introductions on the event website (free registration, requiring only a name and email address, required to access) and two of them are well-known in the domain business - Rick Latona and HasTraffic.com CEO Yancy Naughton. The roster also includes TV Host Mario Armstrong (host of the talk show Never Settle), virtual reality expert Ryan Bell, Linda Janasz (Founder of Mindfulness, Meditation and Movement), Vincenzo Landino (Creative Director, Fifty 2 Creative) and digital marketing guru Evan Webber.

Jodi told us, "All will have 25 minutes or less to share their business tips and/or story to business success/growth. TedTalk Style. Less about selling products and more about sharing  the journey on how they got to the stage and/or useful business tips. With the speakers being streamed live  anyone from anywhere in the world can login and watch, eliminating the travel and ticketing fees - and it allows us to provide valuable life changing content to those who need it and do it for free!"

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DomainSponsor Takes South Florida Domain Investors Out to the Ballgame 

DomainSponsor had a large crew in Miami Thursday so the pioneering domain monetization company decided to put together a friendly  meetup with some of South Florida's many 

professional domain investors. Never ones to do anything halfway, the DS team rented a private suite at Marlins Park, home of the National League's Miami Marlins, where they and their guests caught last night's game between the Marlins and the Chicago Cubs. The guests got to go out on the field before the game and DomainSponsor even arranged to have the home team win 4-2 to make sure everyone went home happy! 

Above: A wide view of Marlins Park from the DomainSponsor suite at last night's Marlins-Cubs game.

Below: Some of the DomainSponsor crew members on the field before the game. Left to right are Ray Goodwin, Mike Morrison, Joe Higgins (crouching ready to pounce!), Henry Hsu, Mark Fliegelman, Brad Wilkinson and Kevin Diaz. (Both of these photos courtesy of Barbara Neu).

Above: Eddie and Barbara Sixto enjoying their pre-game visit to the playing field at the $515 million Marlins Park. They were accompanied by Victor Pitts who snapped this shot.

Below: Back upstairs in the DomainSponsor suite,  THE Domain Conference Co-Founders Barbara Neu and Howard Neu (in spiffy Marlins gear) with DomainSponsor/RookMedia's Joe Higgins

Above: DomainSponsor guest Stu Maloff captured this shot of the real star of game - the food and drink spread in the DS suite!

Below: The entire DS team in  the company's suite at Marlins Park. Standing left to right are: Ray Goodwin, Joe Higgins, Kevin Diaz, Simon Pupo, Robert Tucker, Henry Hsu, Mark Fliegelman and Brad Wilkinson with Mike Morrison kneeling at front.

As most of you know, DomainSponsor is the oldest domain monetization company in the business, having been started in 2002 by Oversee.net. In 2014 another monetization powerhouse, RookMedia, acquired DomainSponsor and they have retained the brand's legacy by continuing to operate DS as a distinct enterprise. 

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Premier Domain Auctioneer Wayne Wheat Releases New Book - Bid & Grow Rich: The Secrets to Auctions

If you have watched just about any live domain auction in recent years, odds are Wayne Wheat was the award winning auctioneer running the show. Whether the big sale was at NamesCon or DOMAINfest Global or T.R.A.F.F.I.C., the story was the same - the auction organizers wanted Wayne Wheat on the podium and his equally energetic wife, Katy Olsta Wheat, helping fire up the crowd as the lead spotter on the floor. 

While those of us in the domain industry think of Wayne as the guy who auctions off high dollar domains, our field is just one of many in which he has excelled, including real estate, automobiles, business liquidations, fine art, antiques and collectibles, etc. You name it and Wayne has sold it at high profile auctions all over the world. 

He's the kind of guy whose vast experience makes you say, "you know, you ought to write a book!" Well he has done just that and it was released on Amazon today - priced at a giveaway 99 cents this weekend only before moving to its normal $19.95 price. 

Wayne Wheat
Author, Bid & Grow Rich

I've already downloaded and read Wayne's Bid & Grow Rich: The Secrets to Auctions and it is a fascinating and rewarding read. The 11 chapters include one dedicated entirely to his experiences in the domain world but I found every chapter to be just as interesting. 

I am a long time fan of auctions and have attended many - especially in the antique and collectibles field as my wife and I once owned an antique store. I also love collectible car auctions (was just watching the latest Barrett-Jackson live auto  auctions from the Mohegan Sun resort in Connecticut on the Velocity Channel last night). So, what I especially like about this  book is that it is focused entirely 

on bidders rather than sellers, with tons of information from a true expert on how you can be most successful at any auction. That includes tips on how to spot tricks unethical auctioneers may use in an effort to separate you from your money. 

If you plan to attend any auction selling anything in the months or even years ahead, downloading Wayne's book this weekend will be best 99 cents you ever spent. Even if you miss the introductory sale, the regular price will also save you the cost of the book many times over. 

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New Company from Jeff Bennett is Looking to Buy High Quality Domain Portfolios

Jeff Bennett is a very well-known figure in the domain industry after co-founding NameMedia, whom he also served as President and COO. The veteran entrepreneur went on to create several other companies, including his latest, Digital Properties LLC. Jeff describes the new venture as "a digital media company that will focus on a  network of verticals." Those currently include Local and Education with more to come.

I expect to be telling you more about the company as it continues to expand but for now, the most important bit of information I wanted to share with domains owners is that Digital Properties is looking to buy some top tier domains. Bennett told us, "we are in the market looking for high quality portfolios with names to develop and traffic to leverage."

If you have those kinds of domains and are interested you can contact Jeff via email at [email protected].  I know everyone thinks their portfolio is high quality, so that kind of invitation can produce a lot less wheat than 

Jeff Bennett
CEO, Digital Properties LLC

chaff.  Just keep in mind that Bennett knows the difference as well as anybody in the business, so sending lists of domains that are just average wouldn't be worth anyone's time. You can also write first for more specific guidance on the verticals and kinds of domains Digtial Propeties is currently seeking.

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THE Domain Conference Gives Guests 3 Reasons to Extend Their Stay After September Show in Florida Ends

As many of you know THE Domain Conference (TDC) will be returning to the Hyatt Regency Pier 66 Hotel in Fort Lauderdale September 10-14, 2016 (highlights from last year's inaugural show can be found here). Thanks to its Florida location many attendees combine work and pleasure conference week, often coming in a day or two early (as I do) or staying over to enjoy South Florida's many attractions when the show ends. 

To tempt more people to turn this year's TDC visit into an extended stay, conference organizers have arranged for three separate post conference excursions in the Fort Lauderdale - Miami area. The show ends 

with a Farewell Breakfast Wednesday morning, Sept. 14 and that same day, TDC has put together an airboat exploration of the Everglades that will cost just $60 per person.  

Above: If you have ever wanted to visit the Florida Everglades, THE Domain Conference will make it easy for you if you stay an extra day at their September 2016 show.

Below: The next day (Thursday, Sept. 15) TDC has arranged an outing at the massive Sawgrass Mill Outlet Mall (America's largest) for those who love to shop. Tickets, including transportation, will be $50. 

Below: Last but not least, on Friday (September 16) the TDC post show outing will be a trip to the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida ($30). 

While the excursions are currently planned to be one a day events over three days, Conference Co-Founder Howard Neu told us they could offer trips to all three locations each day if there is enough demand to do so. 

In addition to the excursion options, a key factor that will encourage people to stay over is that the show rate of $109 a night they have at the Hyatt Regency Pier 66 Hotel will be good for those nights after the show too - making TDC a great, low cost way to combine high value education and networking with a relaxing vacation in the Sunshine State.

View from the top of the Hyatt Regency Pie 66 Hotel in Fort Lauderdale where the 2nd edition of THE Domain Conference will be held Sept. 10-14, 2016

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Photos & Highlights from the 2016 Global Domain Industry Summit in Hangzhou, China

I'm back from an annual beach vacation, refreshed and ready for what is shaping up to be a very busy summer ahead, including two conference trips - BlogX/DomainX in New Delhi, India in August and THE Domain Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in September. 

I was also invited to go to the Global Domain Industry Summit in Hangzhou, China that ended June 6 and would have made the trip if the dates had not conflicted with the vacation reservations we had made before the show was announced. Several domain industry veterans from the U.S. and Canada did make the trip and said it was a very positive 

and impressive experience with some 1,000 attendees on hand (most coming from throughout mainland China). One of the North American guests was domain consultant Bill Sweetman from NameNinja.com who was kind enough to share some of his photos and notes from the show (where Bill was also among the featured speakers). 

Above: Part of the capacity crowd that turned out for the 
Global Domain Industry Summit in Hangzhou, China June 3-6, 2016.

Below: Among the familiar faces in the crowd from the West was
Sedo's Chief Marketing Officer Christian Voss who was also a speaker.

Above: Another familiar face in the crowd - 
Public Interest Registry (.Org) Channel Manager for Asia Kevin Kopas who also spoke.

Above: A scene from the live domain auction at the Global Domain Industry Summit 
(auction results can be found here  - prices shown in middle column represent Chinese Yuan)

Below: Something we haven't seen at a live auction before - cheerleaders 
bearing cards promoting some of the premier names up for sale

An international group of domain pros got together for dinner during show week. Above (top row L-R) are Anand Vora (Donuts) and Bill Sweetman (NameNinja), with (bottom row L-R)  
Jian (Jane) Zhang (DotAsia), Kevin Kopas (PIR) & Fernando Espana (Neustar).

Bill also gave us a link to a nicely produced video recap of the Global Domain Industry Summit. The clip, that runs just under 5 minutes, will give you a great inside look at conference week.

Another major show is coming up in China just three weeks from now. That will be the World Domain Conference that will be held in Wuzhen July 6-9, 2016.  I ran a preview of that event last month that you can check out here.

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New BlogX Conference to Run Just Ahead of DomainX in New Delhi This Summer - Elsewhere China's WDS Show Gets Underway With Big Crowd in Hangzhou 

DomainX Events Founder Manmeet Pal Singh has just announced a new conference for bloggers - BlogX - that will make its debut on August 5, 2016 at the Shangri-Las's New Eros Hotel in New Delhi, India. Though BlogX will be a stand alone event, it will run the day before the 3rd annual DomainX conference gets underway at the same venue where it will run August 6-7. After covering and speaking at the 2015 DomainX conference in Bangalore I am looking forward to going back to India to participate in both BlogX and DomainX this summer.

Singh had previously announced a Taj Mahal trip for DomainX attendees would be held on August 5, but the Taj trip has now been moved to Saturday, August 6, making it the first thing on the show's opening day agenda. That will  provide a world class setting for casual networking that would be hard for any conference to match.

As for BlogX, being presented in associating with MicroHost.com,  that will be an event where bloggers and content managers can learn from and network with industry leaders in the blogging community. The speakers already announced include Kulwant Nagi (BloggingCage.com), Jitendra Vaswani (BloggersIdeas.com), Preet Sandhu (BuyBeforeReviews.com) and Ron Jackson (DNJourna.l.com). You can register for BLOGX here.

While BlogX and DomainX are still a couple of months away, the first of two major domain conferences in China in as many months, the Global Domain Industry Summit is now underway in Hangzhou. The show there will run through Monday, June 6 and will be followed by the World Domain Conference in Wuzhen July 6-9, 2016

As everyone in the industry must be aware of by now, interest in domains has exploded in China. Several industry veterans from the U.S. are at the Hangzhou show to get a better look at what is going on and they are marveling at the turnout. Consultant Pinky Brand, who posted the photo 

of opening day ceremonies in Hangzhou below, estimated 1,000 people are on hand for the event at the Relax Hotel

World Domain Industry Summit opening ceremonies in Hangzhou, China
(Photo courtesy of Pinky Brand)

Back here in the U.S. I will be away on a one-week vacation June 6-13 so will not be online a lot during that period. Depending on time available (and how closely Diana is watching me!) I may put up a post somewhere along the way - if not I will look forward to seeing you back here on Tuesday, June 14.

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Domaining Europe 2016 Conference Closes With a Not .Com Day in the Netherlands 

The 2016 Domaining Europe conference closed Tuesday evening (May 31) at the Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus in The Hague, Netherlands. The 8th annual event staged by show founder Dietmar Stefitz drew a nice cross section of domain investors and high level company executives from around the globe. This was the first  time the event was held outside of Valencia, Spain (Stefitz's home town) and, as beautiful as Valencia is, the change of scenery apparently paid off as Dietmar said the turnout was DE's best to date. He told us he plans to continue taking the conference to new locations with places like Berlin, Germany among those he is considering for 2017.

Above: On the first business day of Domaining Europe 2016 Monday (May 30) - a day focused on .COM -  Verisign Senior VP Pat Kane delivered the keynote address. (This photo and all others on this page courtesy of Radix Registry who posted a public conference photo gallery here).

Below: Closing day Tuesday - billed as Not .Com day with the spotlight on new gTLDs - featured another compelling keynote address from Ingrid Baele, Vice President, Intellectual Property and Standards at global corporate giant Philips. When asked if Philips will re-brand immediately to their new .philips TLD, Stefitz said Ms. Baele answered "No, there are so many things to take into consideration , when re-branding such a huge multi-national. Packaging, divisions, 10,000s of  thousands of machines which have the brand philips.com engraved on them and specially the health care units that are still not very comfortable with the new GTLD's, because they are not yet implemented from all ISP's and this could cause problems."

Above: An audience view from one of the nine business sessions held at Domaining Europe Tuesday (May 31). You can review the ambitious full agenda for both show days here

Below: .CLUB's globe trotting CMO Jeff Sass filled the audience in on the latest news from one of the web's most visible new gTLDs (one that just celebrated its 2nd anniversary) in an entertaining talk Tuesday morning. Jeff is on the road almost continually spreading the .CLUB/New gTLD gospel.

At right: Radix Registry's Manager of Business Development and Marketing Karn Jajoo also spoke Tuesday morning, giving examples of New Domains in Action. Radix, who administers extensions like .website, .tech, .online, .host, .space and several others, was the overall sponsor for Not .Com Day.

Below: After talks from attorney Nacho Amadoz and Frédéric Guillemaut from Safebrands (who predicted the next round of new gTLDs won't come before 2020) and Jose Vicente Gomar (Networking with Your Website Vistors by Using Mobile Forum), .Global CEO Rolf Larsen closed out the morning session with an update on The .Global Project. Attendees and speakers then took a leisurely two-hour lunch break before coming back for more in the final hours of Domaining Europe Tuesday afternoon. 

Dietmar Stefitz told us the afternoon sessions featured Ramon Rautenstrauch, a panel discussion on new GTLDs and ccTLDs and also had a strong ICANN flavor thanks to appearances made by Jean Jaques Sahel, Stephane Van Gelder and ICANN  ombudsman Chris LaHatte

The day and conference closed with a live charity domain auction of new gTLDs put together by Undeveloped.nl that raised €4,120 for Inara.org. Undeveloped.nl is also conducting a separate premium domain auction online that will continue to June 14, 2016. In the photo above, Undeveloped.nl Founder Reza Sardeha (far right) is seen with Domaining Europe Founder Dietmar Stefitz and (at far left) masterful show moderator Braden Pollock.

With another successful Domaining Europe conference in the books the global show spotlight now swings to China where the 2016 Global Domain Industry Summit gets underway Friday (June 3) in Hangzhou.

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