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August 16, 2019

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Domain Packages Begin Filling the Gap Between Sales of Individual Domains and Entire Portfolios 

When top tier domains are put up for sale  owners almost always try to sell them individually on their own merits. Occasionally, however, some will offer an entire portfolio of domains for sale like GeoCentric Media did in April when they put a package of 20 big city .com geodomains up for sale in a single lot (a month later they added LosAngeles.com and SanFrancisco.com to the lot) priced in the $20 million range. That kind of approach is normally a one-time occurrence, but there are indications we may see similar strategies more often going forward. 

Image from Bigstock

At least one brokerage we know of, Warren Mae Premium Domains, is streamlining the idea, filling a space between portfolios and individual domain sales with tighter packages of closely related domains plus some additional added value assets (like related toll-free phone numbers) with the idea that ownership of the package gives the buyer a powerful broad-based market position with a single purchase.

For example, Warren Mae is marketing Thin.com, Thinner.com and Thinnest.com together in a single package that also includes seven toll-free phone numbers  that incorporate THIN on the keypad - 833-367-THIN | 833-468-THIN | 877-THIN-373 | 877-THIN-356 | 877-THIN-347 | 877-THIN-368 | 877-THIN-866. Warren Mae Co-Founder Katie Bond contends, "Real branding power includes capturing market dominance. Field leadership requires the usage of domain packages. A premium domain generates organic search and a domain package strengthens the brand by using multiple URLs, all with word variations of your company name. Packages that are completed with a block of identifying toll free numbers further increase positioning." 

Katie Bond
Warren Mae Premium Domains

The company expects the package to sell in the seven-figure range which seems reasonable given the boom in one-word .com demand we've seen recently, most notably in the $30 million sale of Voice.com in June, an all-time record cash sale of a single undeveloped domain name.

The Thin.com package is owned by entrepreneur Gerard Armond Powell, the founder of the highly regarded Rythmia Life Advancement Center resort in Costa Rica. Having built that five-star property's online presence on a one-word .com (Rhythmia.com), Powell understands the power of domain names from personal experience. “You can maximize returns and decrease advertising costs all while maintaining the same sales and conversion rates," Powell said. 

Image from Bigstock

Memorability gives owners of one-word .com domains a huge edge in marketing. Bond noted, "Marketing strategists can no longer bet on the fact that a clever business name might be remembered. In the early days of the Internet, it was trendy to create custom domains with unusual spelling or quirky names. But that phase died out with the “yodeling Yahoo guy” ad campaign. Valuable domains must emit clarity, not only across the board but also across the Internet. Domains with easily recognizable words also emote trustworthiness even before the point of sale."

Katie added, "The ‘premium domain packaging’ advertising model addresses a badly needed solution in a crowded online market. Rather than just buying a building, you take over the whole neighborhood. Companies looking for alternative routes to increase website traffic can leverage these so-called ‘sister-sites’ to 

capitalize on language association. SEO strategy is no longer enough to get a site to the top of search results. Consider that your competitors are probably using the very same keywords in their metadata and copy. Although savvy web consultants try to offer guaranteed search rankings, search engines (namely Google) regularly update their algorithms and organic search wins every time."

"The additional domains in the premium package can serve in multiple capacities as well. From design concepts to user experience, they can be used as a space to beta test anything (and everything), as needed. Consider that site updates or new product rollouts can often include bugs or interface issues. Having multiple sites can be used as an additional platform for research before implementation. Extra sites can assist in refining marketing scope, which saves in unnecessary advertising expenses for both short and long term campaigns."

If the GeoCentric Media or Warren Mae approach bears fruit, we may see a lot more of this marketing approach going forward.

(Posted August 8, 2019) 

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