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With the Agenda Now Set and the Show Just 4 Weeks Away NamesCon Online is Ready to Rock Again

After a successful show In January, NamesCon Online is returning for a star-studded autumn edition September 22-24, 2021. The agenda for sessions that will run concurrently on two stages throughout the show was essentially finalized today when a Fireside Chat I will have with the Castello Brothers, industry pioneers, Michael and David, was slated to kick off the final day of the three-day event at 11:05am (U.S. Eastern time) on Friday, September 24. I'm looking forward to sitting down with my long-time friends for a two-pronged talk titled How The Pandemic Launched A Domain Gold Rush and Why the Public Should Benefit, Not Monopolies

With a portfolio of top-tier one-word dictionary .com domains - the hottest commodity on the current domain aftermarket - Michael and David

Michael Castello (left) & David Castello
Castello Cities Internet Network

(whose past sales have hit as high as $3.1 million for a single domain- Whisky.com) are perfectly positioned to provide insight into the current domain sales boom. Just yesterday, the highest publicly reported sale of the year to date, Hippo.com at $3.3 million, was reported. that one came on the heels of a pair of 7-figure sales that Larry Fischer posted the week before (Marketing.com at $2.5 million and Near.com at $1.15 million). 

As good as things are on the sales front right now, the Castello Brothers have always kept a close eye on the big picture and developments that are important to all independent online entrepreneurs.  Michael, in particular, has written extensively about monopolistic practices by today's tech giants that need to be reined in to assure an even playing field for all, so we will be breaking that down as well.  

For me, the only thing that could be better than sitting in on a session like that would be sitting in on two of them - and I will get a chance to do that on the same day. In the closing Stage 1 session of the conference at 2:05pm (U.S. Eastern time) on  Friday, September 24 I will join Tessa Holcomb (DomainAdvisors.com/Igloo.com), Doron Vermaat (Efty.com) and Andee Hill (ICANN) for a session titled Flip the Script: Impactful Methods to Shift Negative Perceptions of the Domain Industry.

This is an especially relevant topic for me. From the day I entered the industry in the spring of 2002, right up to today, I have always been puzzled by criticism leveled at domain investors for doing what all investors do -  invest and risk money in something they hope will one day give them a  positive return on their investments. We have certainly made great strides on that front over the past two decades but the fact that it is still an issue to any degree, is disappointing - especially when I know the character, talent and vision of so many people in this business is unsurpassed. 

Clockwise, from top left, Ron Jackson (DNJournal.com), Tessa Holcomb (DomainAdvisors.com/Igloo.com), 
Doron Vermaat
(Efty.com) and Andee Hill (ICANN).

As long as this remains an issue, we need to continue our educational efforts and outreach until everyone recognizes what seems so obvious to most of us. There is no difference between domain investors and those who investin real estate, stocks, bonds, coins, art, antiques and even other virtual assets like crypto currency and NFTs. Plenty of people have made money investing in all of those things and plenty have lost money as well. That's is 100% true of domains too - like every other investment, domains are a two-way street. Thanks to industry pros like Tessa, Doron and Andee, we've come a long way and they will share their thoughts on what else we can do to get this mission completed.

There will be so much going on an NamesCon Online I haven't even scratched the surface with this first post, but I'll fill you in on much more of what is in store in a series of posts as the countdown to show time continues.

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