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September 10, 2014

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The Lowdown
June 2013 Archive
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to fill you in on the latest buzz going around the domain name industry. 

The Lowdown is compiled by DN Journal Editor & Publisher Ron Jackson.

Aftermarket.com Offers New Option for Buying, Selling & Parking Domains in One Place 

Multi-faceted domain industry company Thought Convergence, the parent company of DomainTools.com, TrafficZ.com and Aftermarket.com, has just beefed up the latter service to make it a one stop shop for buying, selling and parking domains. In a letter sent to account 

holders that I received today, Aftermarket.com announced the launch of a new parking program to supplement the domain sales platform many of you are already familiar with.  

The letter said, "We’ve partnered with the Internet’s leading search engine and upstream provider to offer monetization services to domains parked on the Aftermarket platform," which would obviously point to Google as their feed provider.    

Internet money image from Bigstock

The letter to clients continued, "We’re incredibly excited about our new partnership, and what it means for Aftermarket and for you. The new Aftermarket Park & Sell platform provides you with unsurpassed, best-in-class monetization, while simultaneously collecting and converting valuable sales leads.  As you know, your domains have two main types of visitors – those looking for a product or service related to your domain, and those looking to purchase your domain.  By combining these two services, Aftermarket enables you to capitalize on all of your visitors."

If you already have an Aftermarket.com account the company said you're already pre-approved for domain monetization through the site.  All you need to do is to switch your nameservers to ns1.aftermarket.com & ns2.aftermarket.com in order to generate and track your PPC revenue, manage your domain names and listings, respond to offers, negotiate terms, and sell domains.

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Joint Venture  Between InternetMedia and MediaOptions Produces a New Way to Sell Domains at DNX.com

If you've been looking for a new way to sell your domain names, the people behind DNX.com, a domain name exchange that just launched, thinks they may have just what you are looking for. DNX.com, a Panama based joint venture between InternetMedia and Media Options, is taking a different approach to selling domains that involves 

hand picking names that are then sold in a reverse auction (commonly known as a Dutch auction). In traditional auctions bids go up until the highest bid wins the name. In a Dutch auction the starting price drops until someone steps up to claim the domain or it falls to its reserve price (if a reserve is in place).

The company said a senior broker will evaluate all names submitted with the best candidates then getting listed on the exchange. DNX Founder and CEO Christopher Crowther said, "DNX will be the market that buyers and sellers can always trust to be current with quality domain names that are fairly priced to sell today.  For us, DNX represents the recognition that the domain market has matured to the point where it behaves like regular markets and where the values of domain names fluctuate up and down over time.”  

Teaming up with well-known domain brokerage company MediaOptions.com assures DNX of an  ongoing inventory of carefully selected domains and the assistance of MediaOptions CEO Andrew Rosener who has sold tens of millions of dollars worth of domains since 2007.  Rosener will function as DNX's Director of Sales and will focus on promoting the company and its listings to the global domain market.

Rosener said, “DNX will be the holy grail of domain investing; a true way to take the market’s temperature for any given domain on any given day.  We’ll make the market more efficient by forcing people’s hand.  A domain’s price will drop until a buyer just can’t say no."

As noted above,  the domain purchase price will start high then begin to fall.  At any time a buyer can click buy-it-now at the current purchase price or they can submit a lower offer (blind to other buyers) in the hopes that their offer will be executed when the timer hits ‘zero’ and the next price drop occurs. 

Andrew Rosener
CEO, MediaOptions.com

"The sell through rate will be phenomenal,” Rosener predicted, adding that DNX is focusing on  on value, transparency, and intentional randomization to prevent any type of fraud and make it impossible for buyers or sellers to cheat the system. That randomization is an additional twist where the number of total price drops, the frequency of drops, and the amount of an individual price drop has been totally randomized. This element of unpredictability increases buyer incentive because the only thing that is certain is that all domains sell on a first come, first served basis.   

If you want to try out the DNX.com system for yourself, you can sign up for a free account here

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Fact Book 2013: Everything You Wanted to Know About Canada's .CA ccTLD

I've always thought  that the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), the administrator of Canada's .ca country code domain, did an excellent job of promoting their nation's 26-year-old TLD. The latest example of that is a new electronic Fact Book that CIRA has released to tell the .CA story (while also covering current domain trends in other TLDs and discussing the potential impact of new gTLDs).

It is loaded with information and interesting tidbits about a ccTLD with over 2 million registrations that has become four fastest growing ccTLDs on the web. From 2007 to 2012 the number of registered .CA domains doubled, putting it among the top 20 TLDs on the web.

That growth has occurred despite the fact that there are Canadian presence requirements to register .CA. CIRA and many Canadians see that as a good thing and CIRA's Fact Book noted, "These requirements ensure that someone interacting with a .CA can be assured that the individual or business has a connection to Canada. Canadians repeatedly report that they want to do business and/or connect with other Canadians. .CA allows them to do that in a safe, secure and trusted environment."

CIRA said .CA has been steadily whittling away  at .COM's leading market share among domain registrants in Canada. Over the past 5 years, .CA has jumped from a 21% share of the domestic market to a 30% slice of the pie, with most of those extra percentage points carved out of .COM's share of the market.

CIRA said a survey of the Canadian market revealed that "Canadian Internet users strongly prefer .CA when it comes to either business (49% for .CA versus 17% for .COM) or personal use (54% for .CA versus 10% for .COM), particularly for such activities as banking, shopping and news gathering." National pride clearly plays a role in .CA's rise. CIRA's Director of Marketing and Communications, David Fowler, noted ".CA is often described as the Canadian flag on our digital backpack."

There is much more data about both .CA and Canadian Internet usage (the country has one of the world's highest web penetration rates) in the Fact Book, so if you are interested in the popular ccTLD and/or the Canadian Internet market you will want to read the full publication. (Hat tip to Steve Granville-Smith and Peter Maxymych for bringing the new Fact Book to my attention).

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Less Than 3 Weeks After Buying Bouquet.com Bill McClure Has a Site Up and an Affiliate Program in Place! Plus Bree CD Released & Goldberger Movie Hits YouTube

Less than 3 weeks ago at the 2013 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Las Vegas conference, Bill McClure spent $30,000 to acquire Bouquet.com in the show's live domain auction (a sale that was the auction's biggest). McClure, who is based in Fort Smith, Arkansas, is widely known for the successful coffee business he built at Coffee.org, but he also already had several profitable flower-related websites in operation before adding Bouquet.com to his portfolio. 

With a proven platform already in place, it took McClure just a few days to get an attractive ecommerce site up and running at Bouquet.com and flowers and gifts aren't the only things he is offering there. McClure has also set up an affiliate program for other domain owners who have .com names related to flowers, florists and bouquets. McClure told us, "We pay 50% of our revenue, $10 per order, with no expiration cookies. If your site gets an order, you receive a commission for $10."

McClure said the seeds for the affiliate program were actually planted when he had breakfast with Rob Grant at the October 2012 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference at Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida. McClure said, "Rob mentioned that he had a few old flower and related 

Bouquet.com Owner Bill McClure

domains -  three word URL’s, long tail domains - and he asked if we could work together.  I agreed to give him $10 per order and he pointed the domains to our Rackspace servers the following week.  He is now generating around $600 per month from those domains."

With respect to the formally introduced affiliated program, McClure added, "Because of the accounting involved, I am limiting this offer to legitimate domainers only.  If you have an interest, contact me at [email protected] or my cell 479-721-1010."










Elsewhere, David Castello and Bree are celebrating the official release of her new CD, All American Girl, yesterday (June 18, 2013). Domain Hall-of-Famer David manages Bree and plays drums in her trio. 

The CD (available at Amazon and on iTunes among other outlets) has been drumming up a lot of positive attention for Bree including an interview in Huffington Post, selection as one of MSN's featured CD's of the Week and a 9 out 10 star rating from 100% Rock Magazine

Bree has also been in demand on the rock radio interview circuit. There is an especially illuminating 10-minute segment from suburban New York's WFDU-FM that you should check out on YouTube.

Cover of the new Bree CD All American Girl

One other note today, in my coverage of the fabulous bar mitzvah party that Ari Goldberger threw for his son Josh last weekend in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, I mentioned a James Bond inspired mini-movie featuring Josh that was shown during the event. That video is now available on YouTube

To set up the video for you, the   premise was that Bond film villain Jaws (who was at the party in the form of a look alike actor who was a dead ringer for the original) had chewed through a electrical wire causing a blackout at the party, just before Josh was to be introduced. In the darkness, the gold Torah Pointer (reputed to be a priceless 

Ari Goldberger (with microphone) speaking to his son Josh
at last weekend's bar mitzvah party in New Jersey.

16th century relic named La Mano D'Oro) was stolen. The movie then begins with Josh on a mission to recover it. 

Once you see the video you will have a better idea of just how over the top the entire Bond themed party (complete with a live concert from Sean Kingston) was. The overall feeling was like being at a once in a lifetime bash that would have made Hollywood proud.

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Bar None: Photos & Highlights from the Ari Goldberger Family's Celebration of Life 

As I told you in my last Lowdown post, when I was getting ready to head out for Cherry Hill, New Jersey to attend this past weekend's bar mitzvah for Ari Goldberger's son Josh, I was expecting the kind of BIG production that Ari is known for. Even so, the event wound up far exceeding my already high expectations.

I am especially happy that my wife Diana and I got to witness the bar mitzvah ceremony itself in the Congregation M'Kor Shalom sanctuary. It put everything we saw at the truly amazing party that followed into perspective.

Above: Guests were asked not to disrupt the 5:30pm Saturday (June 15, 2013) ceremony by taking photos in the sanctuary, but just before it began multiple generations of the Goldberger family gathered in the foyer where this shot was taken. 13-year-old Josh Goldberger is third from the left in the gold vest.

Those in the sanctuary included several survivors of the holocaust (including Ari's own family members whom he eloquently discussed in a 2006 DNJournal Cover Story). In the most emotional part of the bar mitzvah ceremony Josh's grandparents passed the Torah Scroll to Josh's parents, Ari and Sharon, who in turn passed it on to Josh. The rabbi described what it meant to see survivors from a generation that saw millions of their people exterminated on stage now to see their heritage and traditions passed on to their children and their children's children who have a bright and unlimited future ahead of them. This night when young Josh officially became a man was a night to celebrate life - and the celebration that followed had all of the joy (and more) that you could imagine would accompany such a meaningful occasion.


Above: After the ceremony guests went to the Westin Mount Laurel Hotel for Josh's big Bar Mitzvah Party. When they arrived they were greeted by this huge James Bond themed photo op wall set up in the lobby. The three secret agents in the center of the circle include Josh Goldberger (left) and his father Ari Goldberger (middle). The 0615 Goldberger logo reflected the June 15 date for the big event.

At right: Ari Goldberger with his longtime partner, friend and fellow domain industry leader  Larry Fischer (left).

Above: The party was spread over multiple  ballrooms at the Westin, including separate rooms where children were entertained throughout the evening. For the adults the evening began in the cocktail hour room with great food, drink and a live combo. The black tie event created an atmosphere that seemed straight out of a James Bond movie.

At left: Adding to the illusion, characters from the Bond films, including dead ringers for the Sean Connery and Daniel Craig versions of agent 007, villains like Odd Job and Lurch and the iconic golden girl from Goldfinger (seen  here with Ari Goldberger) circulated among the crowd and created some especially memorable photo opportunities.

Below: Five guys from the sizable domain industry contingent that came to Cherry Hill to share this major life event with the  Goldberger family included (left to right) Ron Jackson, Stevan Lieberman, Jason B. Schaeffer, Scott Ross and Steven Kaziyev. Ron and Scott came up from Florida, Stevan Lieberman flew in from Los Angeles and Steven Kaziyev arrived from New York.

Below: After cocktails the crowd moved to the adjacent main ballroom where dinner would be served at elaborately appointed tables with fabulous floral arrangements that were placed  around the perimeter of the dance floor. All of the scaffolding, massive video screens and sound and lighting equipment was trucked in for the event and it would all be put to good use as the evening unfolded. Those who were not there in person were still able to watch it all on a live webcast at JoshGoldberger.com.

Above: With friends crowded around Josh Goldberger, with his mother Sharon, conducted a moving candle lighting ceremony.

At right: Ari Goldberger congratulates his son Josh on a great job done at the Bar Mitzvah ceremony earlier in the evening (hours of study and preparation went into that).

Below: In a high point of the evening, reflecting Ari's soaring spirits, he was lifted into the air and spun around in a traditional hora dance that had everyone on their feet.

Above: Steven Kaziyev and Diana Jackson put their hands in the air on the dance floor.

Below: As much as Ari had already delivered, including a great Bond-like mini-movie showing Josh's journey to that special point in time, he had something else up his sleeve. When Ari  throws a party, odds are there is going to be a celebrity sighting. The crowd (especially its younger members) went ballistic when rap/hip hop star Sean Kingston showed up and delivered an impromptu live concert. You did not want to be caught near the front of the stage when the crush began!

After Sean Kingston departed, the party went on with dancing and desserts - a phenomenal procession of rich after dinner delights that could cause you to gain five pounds from just looking at them. When it was all said and done a lot of people left with the feeling that nothing would ever top this Hollywood level production. And maybe nothing will, but as long as Mr. Goldberger is still around I wouldn't bet on it...and who knows what Josh (and his children and his children's children) have in store? There will be much more life to celebrate as the decades ahead unfold.


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Why a Webcast from New Jersey May Be This Weekend's Best Show and What Ari Goldberger Has to Do With It

If you have been in the domain business for anything length of time, you know Ari Goldberger (or know he is). Ari, whose fascinating life story was told in a June 2006 DNJournal Cover Story, is one of the industry's leading attorneys (as well as a very successful domain investor/developer, most recently represented by his MD.com and Songs.com sites), who has won many landmark cases involving top tier domain names.   

Though he has been an entrepreneur since he was a kid, business, in terms of his priorities, has always taken a back seat to his family. He is somewhat famous for pulling out all the stops for major life events involving his wife Sharon or their kids. 

Last year in this column, when Monkees lead singer Davy Jones passed away, I told you about a surprise birthday party Ari threw for Sharon in 2006. Sharon loves monkeys (the animal variety), but since safety (and, I would 

Ari Goldberger speaking at the 2013
conference (5/30/13)

assume, local ordinances) made it unwise to turn any of those loose at the party, Ari actually hired Davy Jones to come and sing! He wound up both performing and hanging out with the guests in an event that lives on in this YouTube video.

This weekend the Goldberger family will be celebrating another big event - their son Josh's bar mitzvah - and, while there is no telling what Ari has in store, it is a virtual certainty that it will be over the top. That being the case, and with a number of Goldberger's domain industry friends also converging in Cherry Hill, New Jersey for the festivities, we will also be going to cover it for you and to share this milestone event with a longtime friend of both ours and the industry's at large. 

Just one indication of how big Ari's plans are is the website he has set up at JoshGoldberger.com. There you can actually watch the entire evening LIVE on the web - starting with the bar mitzvah ceremony at 5:30pm U.S. 

Eastern time Saturday (June 15 - hence the James Bond inspired Agent 0615 graphic in the site's logo above and the 007 music that will greet you when you arrive at the site). 

After the bar mitzvah ceremony, guests will make the short trip from the synagogue to the nearby Westin Mount Laurel Hotel where the celebration will continue until who knows when. The answers will be forthcoming - in the meantime Mazel Tov to the Goldberger family! 

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Frank Schilling Announces Improvements at DomainNameSales.com Designed to Help Sellers Move More Names

As I wrote about in our November 2012 Cover Story, Frank Schilling made a major impact on the  domain monetization and sales spaces last year with his new offerings at InternetTraffic.com and DomainNameSales.com.

Frank and his team were not content to rest on the many laurels that immediately came their way so they have been continually working to improve their already impressive services ever since they debuted. The latest example of that came Monday when Schilling sent out a letter to DomainNameSales (DNS) clients announcing version 2.5 of the innovative DomainNameSales.com site. 

In addition to an improved process flow in handling leads generated by the sales banners

and detailed explanation of the domain's value on DNS landers that was just unveiled, Schilling promised additional significant changes in the days immediately ahead. "In the coming weeks we will roll out additional process flow improvements and a payment plan for qualified partners. We have a new team of sub-brokers lead by Dan Adamson to focus specifically on partner leads.  In about a month, an improved APP will allow additional powers in responding or assigning leads to brokers.  I can not overstate the power in the desktop and mobile CRM we've built for you," Schilling said.

Above: An example of a new DomainNameSales.com landing page that has proven effective in generating more sales leads by providing a detailed explanation of why the domain merits the price requested and providing multiple easy methods for a potential buyer to make an inquiry or contact a broker (online or by phone).

Below: Once an inquiry is placed, the next page introduces the buyer to a broker who stands ready to help them and reply to questions via text messages or by phone. 

Schilling said, "If you take the time to embrace our platform I'm convinced you'll see there is nothing else like it on the Web.  I would not leave my sales platform for any price.  It has increased the value of my names because I can extract deals and value where I couldn't without the tools we offer. DNS should help me boutique about $15 million in names this year. Millions of dollars in deals would remain on the table without the sales team and selling infrastructure provided by our platform."

Schilling added, "In  two weeks we intend to allow you to use a true buy-it-now pricing on low priced names, with instant completion through Escrow.com. I'm especially proud of our development team past and present for the amount of effort that has gone into building a framework to allow you to sell names on your own and with brokers from any company. "

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For the First Time a European Will Chair ICANN's Registrar Stakeholder Group - Honor Goes to Blacknight CEO Michele Neylon

Better late than never! Despite the huge role European countries play in the global domain industry no one from the continent has ever chaired ICANN's Registrar Stakeholder Group (RrSG) until now

Michele Neylon, the CEO of Blacknight, Ireland’s leading domain registrar and hosting company, was elected unanimously to the position by his peers this week. The RrSG is one of several Stakeholder Groups within the ICANN community and is the representative body of domain name Registrars worldwide - one  that works to ensure the interests of Registrars and their customers are effectively advanced.

Neylon, who previously served as the Secretary to the RrSG, said, "It is an honor to have been elected Chair of the Registrar Stakeholder Group. Acting as an executive member of this group has been a valuable experience and I look forward to continuing to do excellent work with a great team.”   

Blacknight CEO Michele Neylon
new Chair of the
ICANN Registrar Stakeholder Group

Neylon added, “As the group’s only European executive committee member, I bring a unique but vital perspective to the team. Around 21.6% of the world’s Internet users are located in Europe and it is vital that their needs are represented in this forum.”  

Outgoing RrSG Chair Matt Serlin said, "Congratulations to Michele Neylon. With all of his years of participation in Internet governance and ICANN, I can think of no one more qualified for this post and look forward to his successful leadership of the group during this critical time." 

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InterNetX's Rapidly Growing DomainShop Expects New gTLDs to Push Their White Label Registration & Hosting Solution to New Heights

Many domain investors (including me) are able to operate their own domain registration and/or hosting businesses by  using white label solutions offered by some the biggest players in those spaces. They allow you to put your own brand on the robust platforms they have already built and do it at a very low cost. 

The InterNetX DomainShop was recognized as a leader in that category last month when they were awarded the 1st Prize for Domain Services at this year's Hosting & Service Provider Summit in Frankfurt, Germany

As most of you know, InterNetX, is one of the biggest registrars based in Europe. Their DomainShop offering is a  an e-commerce solution that allows you to offer your customers domain registrations in more than 300 ccTLDs and gTLDs as well as preregistration for new gTLDs that will be arriving soon. 

DomainShop lets you set up your own online store to provide domains, hosting products, email services and a website builder with InterNetX providing the complete infrastructure, as well as tools for support, billing and payment. With them taking care of the grunt work it is a lot easier to get up to speed and spend your time on marketing and sales.  

DomainShop Director of Sales Markus Galler accepting the 1st Prize for Domain Services at 
the 2013 Hosting & Service Provider Summit 
in Frankfurt, Germany.

InterNetX Founder Hakan Ali said, "With the introduction of new gTLDs, we’re convinced that DomainShop provides the optimal solution for new gTLD applicants and domain resellers to sell their own domain endings. A number of new gTLD applicants are already using DomainShop to offer their TLDs."

Hundreds of new gTLDs are expected to being arriving later this year, dramatically increasing the name space. International companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft are among those that have applied to run their own extensions. InterNetX believes that will lead to a surge in demand for domains that will keep DomainShop on its current trajectory of rapid growth.

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BrandBucket Founder Says Business is Brisk for Brandable Domains - Plus T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Offers Early Bird Discount for October Show in Florida 

In the domain business category defining generic domain names has traditionally attracted the most attention, but these days we continue to hear more and more about the promise of brandable domains. The impending wave of new gTLDs will market themselves as brandable (and they hope, memorable) alternatives to dominant but more expensive .com domains. 

Margot Bushnaq
BrandBucket.com Founder

Of course, .com has always been the leader in brandable names too. Even with new gTLD alternative coming, Margot Bushnaq, the founder BrandBucket.com (launched in 2007 as the first major sales site dedicated to brandable names) says more buyers than ever are buying brandable .coms from her company's platform. She started BrandBucket with her own domains but more than three years ago she opened the site to other sellers as well.

Ms. Bushnaq said that on its current pace, BrandBucket.com will hit $1 million in sales this year. She added, "In the past four years, the average selling price for a domain name on BrandBucket has increased from $2,000 to almost $3,000. We have seen tremendous interest in non-keyword, short, pronounceable .com domain names, and the steady increase in sale prices that we are seeing year over year prove that there is a serious market for these types of names."

Ms. Bushnaq said that over the past three years BrandBucket has paid out $1.3 million to domain owners who have sold through the site and logo designers who create the logos that accompany the domains. "Due to increased demand and sales doubling each year, BrandBucket is stepping up its efforts to increase its inventory (currently around 1,500 domains) by recruiting domain owners with quality brandable domain names," Ms. Bushnaq said, adding "BrandBucket will remain focused on maintaining prices at an affordable point for startups."

One other note today - the 2013 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Las Vegas conference just ended, but the show's annual Florida event is still ahead - just over four months away when T.R.A.F.F.I.C. returns to the Ritz Carlton on Fort Lauderdale Beach where successful shows were held in 2011 and 2012.  

If you act very quickly you can attend the fall show at a deeply discounted rate - just $995 (about half what it will cost if you wait until October to register). The $995 deal was supposed to end today but show organizers decided to extend the offer until 5pm (U.S. Eastern time) Wednesday, June 5. That is less than 24 hours from the time I am writing this, so register now if you want to attend for hundreds of dollars less than others will be paying as the shows draw closer.

Speaking of T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Las Vegas, we will be publishing a full review in our next Cover Story this week featuring dozens of previously unseen photos.

The Fort Lauderdale Beach Ritz Carlton where the next T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference gets underway Oct. 20, 2013.

(Posted June 4, 2013) To refer others to the post above only you can use this URL:

Breakfast of Champions: Why the Final Hour at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Las Vegas 2013 Was One of the Show's Best

I'm back home after another pleasant and highly productive T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference, the 25th show in pioneering series that ended Saturday morning (June 1) at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. My last post from Las Vegas had highlights from the final 24 hours of the big event with the exception of Saturday morning's Farewell Breakfast (we had to head for the airport right after that,  so I didn't get a chance to include it until now).

Above: A scene from the Farewell Breakfast at the 2013 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Las Vegas conference Saturday morning (June 1) at the Bellagio Hotel.

At left: Holland's Hennie Groot Lipman fuels up for his long trip home at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.'S farewell breakfast buffet.

I didn't want to leave the farewell breakfast out of our show coverage because it is much more than an afterthought - in fact it is one of my favorite things about T.R.A.F.F.I.C. The work is all done, there are no more sessions to prepare for or appointments you have to keep - just an opportunity to spend a final  hour or two with great friends and colleagues in the show's most relaxing environment. In my opinion, spending that quiet time with them  is the perfect way to end a busy week before everyone heads their separate ways. 

A lot of people leave town the night before, or early before this breakfast,  but I make it a point to leave time in my travel schedule for it. Over the years some of the most valuable time I've spent at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. has been at this breakfast.

There usually aren't more than two or three dozen people in the room at any one time, so it gives you time to do some table hopping and often see people you didn't get a chance to see earlier in the week. It feels like the clock has basically been stopped and you can enjoy longer conversations than you were able to during the more hectic business days of the conference.

What would breakfast be without coffee? And what would our industry be without our own gregarious "Mr.Coffee" - Coffee.org owner Bill McClure (at left) with T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Co-Founder Howard Neu at Saturday morning's Farewell Breakfast. Bill was also the guy who got Bouquet.com for $30,000 in Thursday's live domain auction at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Las Vegas. 

After breakfast those who stayed through the final minutes of T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Las Vegas 2013 started making their way home. Many of them were already planning to do it all again when T.R.A.F.F.I.C. returns October 20 for the start of their 9th anniversary show at the Ritz Carlton on Florida's Fort Lauderdale Beach. I'll be there, of course, and you can bet I'll be at that Farewell Breakfast again!

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Photos & Highlights From Friday's Closing Day of the 2013 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Las Vegas Conference

The 2013 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Las Vegas conference closed with a busy day and night of activity Friday (May 31) at the beautiful Bellagio Hotel. The final business day began with a breakfast sponsored by Email.biz where company founder Anshul Goyal (in the photo at right) provided guests with information about the innovative email service we wrote about in December.

I also spoke during the breakfast session, filling in attendees on the latest trends in the domain aftermarket. I broke down results from the 1st quarter of this year and also provided an update on how things have been going in the current 2nd quarter where the weekly sales volume level has been almost identical to 1Q-2013.

After breakfast it was time for The Adam Dicker Show - an entertaining and informative session in which DNForum.com owner and TheArtOfTheName.com blogger Adam Dicker shared many of the secrets that have made him one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the domain space. After Dicker was a huge hit in a similar session at last fall's T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference at Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida, show organizers asked him to come to Las Vegas with an even bigger presentation and Dicker (at right in the photo below) delivered, deftly fielding questions from DomainSherpa.com's Michael Cyger during a fast moving 90-minute session that seemed more like 9.

Australia's Michael Gilmour of ParkLogic.com (at right in the photo below with interviewer Braden Pollock (at left) and T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Co-Founder/Show Moderator Howard Neu) closed out the morning session with another round of valuable information. Gilmour, one of the industry's nicest and most universally respected leaders, shared his expertise in domain monetization in a discussion labeled "The Truth About Your Traffic."

During the lunch hour that followed veteran domain investor Richard Lau, who also serves as Executive Director of The Water School, provided an update on the big Water Night fund raising party held Thursday night at Planet Hollywood's PBR Rock Club. Lau said donations from T.R.A.F.F.I.C. ($50 for each show attendee who went to Water Night) and additional donations made by domain investors at the party ran the total raised to over $25,000.

Lau raised even more during the lunch hour. He tried to give away a Ipad mini (donated by DomainHoldings) but Adam Dicker yelled out from the audience that he should auction it for the Water School instead. So Lau did so and picked up another $550 from the winning bidder - Dicker! (who paid almost twice the retail value of the tablet).

Also during lunch SEO guru Jason Hennessy from EversparkInteractive.com (at left in the photo below) shared some great search engine optimization tips with Braden Pollock (at right) again ably serving in the interviewer's role, drawing a string of valuable tips from Hennessy that would be of special benefit to domain investors.

The final business session of T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Las Vegas was the traditional Meeting of the Chiefs, an always popular 90-minute panel discussion featuring eight industry leaders who covered a broad range of territory prompted by moderator Howard Neu. The panelists (left to right in the photo below) were Michael Gilmour (ParkLogic.com), Dwayne Walker (Oversee.net), Adam Dicker (ArtOfTheName.com), Donny Simonton (Voodoo.com) followed - on the right side of the podium - by Ammar Kubba (ThoughtConvergence.com), John Smrekar (InternetTraffic.com), Dr. Chris Hartnett (Global Media) and Joe Styler (GoDaddy.com).

With business out of the way it was time for T.R.A.F.F.I.C.'s Closing Night Party and Celebration at the Bellagio. There was something extra to celebrate this year. Friday night was Vishal Manjalani's birthday. Vijal (standing at center in the black jacket below) is a T.R.A.F.F.I.C. regular who represents Directi's Skenzo unit. His warm personality and professionalism have won him many friends and admirers. In another example of the "we are family" nature of T.R.A.F.F.I.C. the show's organizers surprised Vishal with one of the most elaborate and beautiful birthday cakes I've ever seen (and it tasted as good as it looks)!

The closing night party was scheduled to run until 10pm, but ran past 11pm when hotel staffers who wanted to go home finally shooed everyone out - and even then a couple of dozen stood in the hall and continued chatting for almost another hour!

There will be one last chance for those still in town to get together this morning when T.R.A.F.F.I.C. hosts a Farewell Breakfast at the Bellagio. We will be on our way back to Florida immediately after that but I'll have a few shots from that last get together for you in Monday's Lowdown post. I've shared as much of the show experience as possible while on the run this week but will have a more detailed final account including many unseen photos in a new Cover Story review that will be out next week.

 This was yet another well-run and productive T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference (the 25th in the show's 9-year history) staged by co-founders Rick Schwartz and Howard Neu with the indispensable help of their wives Alina Schwartz and Barbara Neu, Barbara & Howard's son Ray Dillman Neu and Kimberly Howard. Thanks to all of your for your tireless efforts to assure your guests had a rewarding and enjoyable experience they won't forget. Next stop T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Fort Lauderdale Beach beginning on October 20, 2013!

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