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Photos & Highlights from the South Asia Track at the 2021 NamesCon Online Conference

The 2021 NamesCon Online conference completed its 3-day run Friday (January 29) but we still have some unfinished business to get today - the photos and highlights from the South Asia Track that featured more than a dozen  business sessions spread over two days. I didn't have a chance to collect those for you during the conference because the South Asia sessions ran during what were the overnight hours in the U.S. However, thanks to NamesCon Online making replays of all of the conference sessions available to registrants through February 28, I was able to watch the South

Asia sessions over the weekend so I can give you a recap of the great content that was provided on that track. 


(If you missed our reports on the Keynote, Breakout and Americas Tracks, you can review day 1 highlights here,  day 2 highlights here and the day 3 highlights here).



Above: The South Asia Track opened with Moderator Divya Shukla (Community Manager, Urban Skill), at left, interviewing veteran Indian domain investor Deepak Daftari. Deepak, who has closed multiple 6-figure domains sales, is known worldwide for his domain industry expertise and insight. That is why I also called on Deepak to be a member of the panel of experts featured in DNJournal.com's 17th annual State of the Industry Cover Story as well as have him join Morgan Linton and Jochen Kieler for my State of the Industry: Domain Investors panel discussion on the Keynote Track at NamesCon Online Friday (if you registered for the show, a replay can be viewed on the NamesCon.Online website).


Below:  The next session tackled the topic - What Makes a Great Brandable Domain? It featured DomainKhan.com Founder and NamesCon Moderator Jay Paudyal (at left) speaking with Darpan Marjal, the Founder & CEO at SquadHelp.com. After completing over 30,000 naming projects with early-stage startups as well as world-renowned corporations like Nestle, Dell, and Philips, the Squadhelp team has acquired a great deal of insight into what end users are looking for in a great brand name - making Darpan the man to go to on this subject.




Above: South Asia is one of the domain industry's fastest growing regions and for those who didn't know what has been fueling the ongoing boom, the  members of this panel had the answers. They are  (clockwise from top left) Khan Mohammad Nakib (founder of the domain and hosting community named Domain Bangladesh - DAB, Khan is also Head of Operations for one of the country's best known ITeS service providers), Moderator Divya Shukla, Manish Lunja (CEO & Founder, BrandPros.com, Inc. and Angel Investor) and Riz Memon (CEO, EmpireNames.com).


Below: The growth in South Asia is attracting a steady flow of newcomers to the industry so NamesCon presented this timely panel discussion - Newcomers Story: The Beginning -  in which the speakers detailed how they were able to establish a successful foothold in the business. Clockwise from top left are Moderator Hitesh Wadwha (Co-Founder, DN School), Internet entrepreneur Bibek Adhikari, Utsav Suri (Manager, Naukri.com), Sunil Kapoor (Founder, DomainKapoor.com) and new domainer Ankur Singh.




Above: With respect to top level domains, two that have caught people's attention with their steady rate of growth and adoption are .io and .org, so this panel, titled The Curious Case of .io and .org

examined some of the factors behind the surge. Clockwise from top left are Aran Bansul (CEO, ServerGuy.com), Aishwin Vikhona (Founder, I LoveDomains.com) and Mark Ghoriafi (Founder, Mr. Premium.com), who has posted a string of record breaking .io sales in recent months, including Domain.io at $50,000.


Below: As day one of the South Asia track wound down, this panel provided some great advice on how to avoid Five Deadly Domaining Traps (what not to do for beginners or intermediate level domainers). The panel featured, clockwise from top left), Ritesh Singh (Owner, Fivty), Moderator Divya Shukla and Vinod Reghunathan (veteran Internet entrepreneur and founder of DomainCompany.io).




Below: Day one ended on an entertaining musical note with Domaining Rap in which Abhishek Talwar (CEO, Delvelogic) and Jay Paudyal (Founder, DomainKhan.com) laid down one rap after another with clever domain related lyrics. If you want to have some fun, definitely put this one on your replay list!




Above: The second day on NamesCon Online's South Asia Track started with welcoming comments from Moderator Hitesh Wadwha (Founder, Domainofy.com). 


Below: The business sessions then began with a Fireside Chat with Michael Gilmour. Jay Paudyal interviewed Michael (at right), the Founder of ParkLogic.com who is a globally renowned domain monetization expert as well as a domain developer, pilot, and novelist! With his extraordinary experience in the industry Michael has been called on to speak at almost every major conference held around the world for the past two decades!




Above: Day two continued with a session on Outbound Marketing for Domains that featured 20-year domain industry veteran Vipin Khetarpal (Founder/CEO, Datameter Technologies Pvt Ltd), at left,  with Moderator Hitesh Wadwha.


Below: Next up, day one speaker Deepak Daftari (at left) returned for a session with Moderator Jay Paudyal titled Domaining: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Deepak and Jay took a deep dive into the history of domaining, what is happening in the region and globally and what the future may hold as we move forward and look for new opportunities along the way.




In the next session Riz Memon (Founder, Empire Names) gave an excellent presentation on Targeting Prospects Using Social Media Ads. In it, Riz detailed how you can run social media ads to sell domains using LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Below: In the final business session of the NamesCon Online South Asia Track, four experts returned to appraise names submitted by attendees who wanted to know What's My Domain Worth? In a fun and informative session the experts debated the merits of the names being considered and explained what they based their opinions on. The panelists were (clockwise from top left), Manish Lunja, Deepak Daftari, Aishwin Vikohna and Jay Paudyal. It was a perfect way to close out two days on the South Asia Track and send viewers home with a lot of new information to incorporate into their own domaining enterprises.




Above: Top notch Moderators Jay Paudyal (left) and Hitesh Wadwha officially brought the curtain down on the South Asia Track with their closing comments and thank yous to everyone who help make the 2021 event a reality. Of course, the year is still young and we will be seeing much more of the South Asia experts as 2021 continues to unfold. Hopefully, with new Covid-19 vaccines being distributed, that will happen in person before this year is out!

(Posted February 1, 2021)  


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