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March 2021 Archive
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Next ICA Members Event Offers Insight Into How Domains Help Build Great Brands - the Association Also Gets a Major Assist from Brent Oxley

The Internet Commerce Association (ICA), the  non-profit trade association that defends domain registrant's rights, has announced their next online event for ICA members. The Domains of Brand Naming will run from 2 to 3pm US Eastern time on Wednesday, April 7. The ICA has persuaded two  creative minds from one of Silicon Valley's top naming agencies to host a session in which they will talk about the challenge of branding and their branding 

process. They are Catchword’s senior strategist, linguist and co-founder, Laurel Sutton, and Creative Director Erin Milnes - both experts in linguistics and brand naming.

Laurel and Erin came up with the corporate identities for FireEye, UpWork, Vudu, Nature's Promise, and many others. They will cover what brand names are and what they can (and cannot) do, as well as Catchword’s history, their Accelerator, and naming process. As is the case for all sessions in the ICA members only series, the meeting will be interactive, and they will reserve plenty of time for questions in the Zoom-based event. For those who miss the live stream, a recording of the hour will available for a limited time to ICA Members. Not an ICA member? You can fix that right now! Join up here and you'll get an invite to the April 7 event (as well as all future ICA events and meetings) and you will also be helping yourself by supporting an organization that has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to protect your rights as a domain owner. 

Brent Oxley
(Photo credit: OxHuntingRanch.com)

The ICA has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years as industry leading domain investors, service providers and legal experts have rallied around the group and its mission to defend the rights of domain registrants around the world. HostGator and Create.com Founder Brent Oxley is the latest to throw his support behind the organization, doing so with a $50,000 contribution from Create.com. 

Oxley knows from first hand experience how important it is for industry participants to band together to protect unwarranted threats against their assets and enterprises. As most of you are aware, Brent was caught up in a widely publicized nightmarish situation that threatened over two dozen domains from his multi-million dollar portfolio, including the primary business domain for his new hosting company at  Create.com. For a time Oxley was prevented from accessing his domains due to a legal dispute that originated in another country. Fortunately, he has since regained access to his domains but the experience was one he doesn't want to repeat nor see others go through. His support for the ICA will be immensely helpful on that front. 

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Radix Reports 31% Surge in Revenue for 2020, Profit Up 36% From the Previous Year

Radix, one of the world's largest operators of new TLD domain registries, has announced their financial results for 2020. Radix, who operates .online, .store, .tech, .website, .space, .press, .site, .host, .fun and .uno, grossed over $28 million in total revenue in 2020. That is  a 31% jump over the company's revenue in 2019. Radix's net profit grew at an even faster clip, rising 36% year over year.  

In breaking down their 2020 revenue, which is net of all discounts and rebates, Radix reported 20% came from standard registrations and 64% from standard renewals. Radix’s premium domains cumulatively generated over $4.5 million in revenue, of which 54% can be attributed to premium renewals.  

Sandeep Ramchandani
Radix CEO 

Based on country data from domain registrars, the top contributor to Radix’s revenue has been the United States with 64% of the total share, followed by France and Germany.  

In reflecting on the year's results, Radix CEO  Sandeep Ramchandani said, “2020 was a really strong year for us, both, financially and strategically. Since a majority of our revenue comes from renewals, we will only start seeing the sharp growth in CoVid-led registrations turn into revenues from Q2-2021. We continue to remain focused on our goal of making our domains ubiquitous and powering the identity of a variety of web projects world-wide. We aim to remain on a strong trajectory for the foreseeable future, with initiatives in motion to grow demand for our brands and to selectively acquire other high potential assets.”  

Over a 2-year period, Radix has seen its net profit double. Amongst its brands, .online was it’s highest revenue contributor in 2020 followed by .store and .tech.  

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In a Record Breaking .NET Sale Poker.Net Changes Hands for $750,000 to Smash the Previous Mark Set 7 Years Ago

What a month March 2021 has been for the domain aftermarket! Just one day after we released our latest bi-weekly Domain Sales Report that was stuffed with an eye-popping 13 six-figure sales, we've gotten news that Poker.net has been sold for $750,000 in the biggest .net sale ever reported. The previous mark was $500,000 for Mobile.net (a sale we told you about in this column back in 2014). 

The WhoIs record shows that Poker.net has been acquired by ADX Labs, a technology and marketing company based in Minnesota. As of this writing the new owner's plans for the domain have not been announced.

Image from Bigstock

Joe Uddeme
Founder, NameExperts.com

Three veteran brokers played a role in setting the new high water mark for the .nets. The seller was represented by Joe Uddeme, who founded NameExperts.com in 2015 after a successful five-year run at Domain Holdings. Over the past 12 years Joe has racked up a long string of high end sales and acquisitions. The buyer's broker was Tony Adams at HQBrokerage.com. Andy Kelly also played a role. After seeing Uddeme had Poker.net listed, Kelly, knowing that Adams had a client that would likely have an interest, let Adams know the domain was on the market. Uddeme and Adams connected and worked out the deal. 

Joe told me, "I  saw a tremendous opportunity targeting the end-user marketplace. Ultimately, the highest offer was brought in from Tony. He and I have worked together on deals in the past, and it was great to complete this one and deliver an exceptional price for the seller. At the end of the day, we were able to create a win-win that both buyer and seller could be happy with."

We will be officially charting Poker.net when our next sales report comes out March 31. As of today it would rank as the 3rd highest sale, regardless of extension, so far this year. It is also, by far, the biggest non .com gTLD sale of the year to date.

Congratulations to Joe, Tony, Andy on the transaction and to ADX Labs for their acquisition of a great domain name.

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Actress, Singer & Songwriter Jessica Castello Carries Her Familiar Family Name to Entertainment Industry Fame

In the domain world it would be hard to find a more familiar family name than Castello. Brothers Michael and David Castello are true industry pioneers who have been at the forefront of the field since its start in the 1990s. As we detailed in a 2006 Cover Story about them, the two were partners in the music business as performers and producers before applying their creative talents to the Internet.

Michael's wife, Sheri, who co-founded DayCare.com with him in 1997, was also a talented actress before changing lanes with Michael. Given that lineage, it is probably no surprise that their gifted daughter Jessica Castello started making waves in the entertainment world before she was out of her teens! In 2019, Jessica, who happens to be celebrating her birthday today, played an award-winning lead role as Carlie Toft in the critically acclaimed feature film Oildale. Jessica's performance earned her a Best Actress Jury Award at the prestigious SENE Film Festival and added to a list of TV and movie credits she has been piling up since 2013.

Jessica's acting ability is equaled only by her musical talent (one of the many reasons she won the role in Oildale). In fact, the music video for "Blue Sky", an uplifting new song that Jessica wrote and performs, has just been released (you can also download the song from Apple iTunes).  The production, produced and directed by Lennon Leppert, was shot primarily around Jessica's scenic hometown, Moorpark, California. Having first met Jessica when she was just eight years old, it has been amazing to watch her talent continually grow and blossom into a career that appears to have nothing but blue sky ahead. Check out the video to see for yourself!

Jessica Castello in a scene from her 
Award-winning lead role in the 2019 film Oildale.


Scenes from the music video for "Blue Sky", an 
uplifting new song written and performed by Jessica.


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New Reports Provide a Tale of Two Markets - Total Domain Registrations Slipped But Aftermarket Sales Surged in 4Q-2020

Verisign (the administrator of the .com and .net TLDs) has released their latest quarterly Domain Name Industry Brief covering the 4th quarter of 2020. The quarter closed with 366.3 million domain name registrations across all top-level domains (TLDs) worldwide, a rare decrease of approximately 4.4 million domains from the previous quarter, representing a 1.2% decline  However, the 366.3 million total is 4 million more than the number at the same point a year ago, a 1.1% uptick.

The decline from the previous quarter can be traced to just three TLDs as Kevin Murphy detailed in a post an DomainIncite.com Tuesday. Kevin noted that .tk, an extension that offers free domains, dropped 2.8 million registrations from the previous quarter, .icu lost 1.9 million and .top plunged by 900,000. That trio's cumulative loss of 5.6 million names would account for all of the 4.4. million reduction and then some.

Verisign's dominating .com TLD was the biggest tower of strength in the market. The .coms added 1.5 million domains from the previous quarter and were up 6.3 million year over year, a 4.3% annual jump for the world's most popular extension. Meanwhile, Verisign's .net has remained anchored, almost eerily so, for a full year now. At the end of 2019, approximately 13.4 million .nets were registered. At the of the 3Q-2020, the number was still 13.4 million and at the end of 2020 it was, yep, 13.4 million. That's certainly better than going backwards, something .net had been doing for a long time before finally stabilizing.

On the ccTLD front, .tk drug down the whole category with their loss of 2.8 million domains. Without out that, the country domains would have been up over a million domains from the previous quarter instead of showing an overall loss of 1.7 million names. Year over year, the ccTLDs were up, gaining 1.3 million names (about 1%) to close with 158.9 million names registered.

The new gTLDs, on the other hand, went backwards both quarter to quarter and year over year. The group lost 4.2 million domains from the previous quarter. Two-thirds of that deficit can be pinned on .icu and .top. However, year over year, the new Gs still lost 3.3 million domains, an 11% drop to the 26 million they had at the end of 2020.

While the Verisign report gave us some great insight into the domain registration market, another report, from Escrow.com, provided a peak into what has been a surge in the domain aftermarket. In their latest quarterly 

Domain Investment Index (.pdf file) covering 4Q-2020, Escrow.com reported closing $93.8 million worth of domain sales on their platform, a powerful 21% leap from the $77.5 million they booked in the previous quarter. The report goes on to slice and dice the various kinds of domains the money came from that does an excellent job of showing you where the biggest strengths and weaknesses are in the current market.

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Shane Kinsch Sells FTA.com for $400,000 in One of Year's Five Biggest Domain Sales Reported to Date + ROTD Extends Online Domain Auction to March 11

Back in 1999 Shane Kinsch, who has been the Chief Technologist at NetraCorp LLC for the past 15 years, was able to hand register FTA.com for a grand total of $70 - a price that will have all of us thinking "where is a good time machine when you need one!"  In the more than two decades since then, three-letter .coms have become one of the most consistently valuable assets in domain names (the real estate of the digital world). Kinsch's foresight paid off in a big way Thursday when he sold FTA.com for $400,000 to a confidential buyer who was represented by broker Mark Burgarelli.

That makes FTA.com the 4th biggest domain sale reported so far this year, trailing only Christmas.com ($3.15 million), GoBet.com ($850,000) and another three-letter .com, ZAG.com ($450,000). We will officially add the sale to our charts when we issue our next bi-weekly domain sales report on Wednesday evening, March 17. FTA.com also gives Shane two of the two biggest sales reported year to date. He already had #18 (tie) LiteBit.com on the chart after selling that domain in January for $50,000.

Shane's year has obviously gotten off to a great start - and that is true of the industry at large as well. Last week, RightOfTheDot.com (ROTD) had three blockbuster sales in their live online domain auction - Bird.com ($2.5 million), Fish.com ($1.6 million) and Tattoo.com ($750,000). Those will be added to our charts when the transaction close with final payments made and the domains transferred to the new 


Shane Kinsch
Chief Technologist, NetraCorp LLC

owners. ROTD may be adding others to the leader board because they have many other high profile domains that are in a companion online auction that is still underway. That one was originally scheduled to end March 4, but with so many strong new submissions coming in, it has been extended to Thursday, March 11.

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