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November 05, 2018

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How Can You Mend a Broken Heart? Making New Music is Helping Emme Lentino Heal from the Untimely Loss of Husband Tony

Two years ago  the domain industry prematurely lost one of its most successful entrepreneurs when Tony Lentino - the founder of registrar OnlyDomains.com - left us at the age of 42 after a 15-month battle with cancer. Many of our readers also know Tony's lovely wife, Emme, a long time friend who I first met over a decade ago when she came into the domain business (where she later met Tony) as a representative of a domain parking company called Klickerz. While Emme knows domains her real passion has always been singing (in fact I watched her sing with Howard Neu at a social event during the 2007 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference in New York City). 

Even before domains, Emme had released an independent music CD and performing was never far from her mind, even while she had two beautiful daughters with Tony that are the apples of her eye. Emme has been healing since the

Emme Lentino

loss of her husband and one thing has helped her in that recovery process - pouring her heart and soul into new music that she has now released and is performing at venues in front of appreciative audiences around the world. There are many signs that this extraordinarily talented artist is on the verge of a major breakout. 

The centerpiece of Emme's new work is an EP called The Oxygen Collection that is getting airplay in many major markets around the world. The amazing thing about this project is that Emme has dome all of it from writing, performing, producing to distributing her mesmerizing recordings and videos. Emme told us, "I am an indie unsigned singer/songwriter who writes and performs Pop rock, Soul and Americana music. Itís really the message in my music that is the reason I am sometimes be found pushing myself uphill! In a world where you can hear ďno, or not yet, or you donít fit in...Ē. I say, I dare ya!  Letís do this!  Letís make the impossible possible." 

"I want to uplift, empower, show kindness and love and most of all hope to the masses. I am on a mission to bring a movement of hope to the world. Because I believe that no matter what we face, we can survive, thrive and help others. It is in helping others that we find purpose and identity. So much of our time can be concentrated on what we are in at the moment. But when we can step out, and share our hearts and lend an ear to others, volunteer and spend time with someone who needs us- we suddenly feel energized!  There are moments everyday when we can touch just one persons journey and make a difference in their life."

:I would love to share my music with as many people as possible. As one person, without the endorsement of a record label, I rely on friends and family and those who connect with my message to like, share and follow!  So if youíre on social

Emme Lentino on stage.

media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube - I would really appreciate your support!  Also, my music is available on all platforms so whether you use Spotify, iTunes, etc., please add Emme to your playlist!  Itís all algorithms- so the more adds and likes and follows the more people hear the music." 

"I feel so strongly that I am doing exactly what Tony wanted. To sing my heart out and to encourage others to do the same!  Wishing everyone hugs and peace and joy.   I will always remember the kindness and support of my domain community. Thank you for being there for us!

Just as I was getting read to post this article I got an another exciting note from Emme. Her manager just notified her that she has been invited to perform in January 2019 at the Toyota Country Music Festival Tamworth in Australia! "It is such an honor and Iíll be announcing details of this as I learn more," Emme said. She will also be releasing a new Christmas EP in a couple of weeks that will be distributed by MGM. It will feature an original Christmas song that Emme co-wrote in Los Angeles at the Paramount Recording Studios

They say "seeing is believing" so I will leave you with a brand new video that Emme just released for her inspiring song "Seasons of Life" that will show you exactly why her legion of fans is growing so quickly!



(Posted November 5, 2018) 

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