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June 10, 2014

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The Field of Competitors Seeking a Share of the Money Spent on Domain Escrow Services Continues to Expand With the Opening of EscrowHill.com Today

The number of available domain extensions isn't the only part of this industry that is expanding. With the arrival of hundreds of new TLDs this year many expect the number of aftermarket sales transactions to grow, accompanied by a bigger demand for domain escrow services. Though there have always been multiple players in that field, the category has been dominated by one 800-pound gorilla, Escrow.com.

Despite that formidable opposition, some new competitors, led by well-known industry figures, think now is the time to get in the game and go for a share of the gold. Thought Convergence's Agreed.com was the first newcomer to enter the fray, taking space at the 2013 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East conference in Florida last fall to demo their platform. 

A month after T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East, Escrow.com's former Director of Business Development, Andee Hill, announced she was gong out on her own to launch EscrowHill.com with the firm operating from a New Zealand base. Today that site opens for business.

Andee Hill 
EscrowHill.com Founder & CEO

A press release issued this morning said, "Escrow Hill Limited is an internationally licensed escrow provider. Our license involves government oversight, independent audits and employee background checks very similar to the state of California. The license applies to all currency accounts, not just USD." 

The release also posed the obvious question in an increasingly crowded field - why use us? The replies provided were: 

  • We have over 30 years of online escrow experience in the domain industry. While the company name is new, all the people are tried and true escrow specialists.  

  • For the flexibility of utilizing the currency of your choice, we have established accounts in USD, CAD, AUD, EUR and GBP. 

  • Our escrow fees are generally about 20 percent lower than our competitors. 

  • We offer a fast, free wire disbursement on every transaction.  Additional wire disbursements are just $15.00.  

  • We offer premium escrow where we will take possession of the money AND the domain. We are the only licensed provider offering this service.  

  • We offer seller financed and domain leasing at our basic fee plus just $25/month.  

  • We support completely anonymous transactions with one or more brokers; the buyer and seller only know their price with no other detail.

Those using the firm's services can submit transaction information on the online form at EscrowHill.com. Once submitted, EscrowHill will contact the parties to complete the escrow. A fully automated system is still in development. 

If you are going to next week's NamesCon conference in Las Vegas, you can meet some of the EscrowHill team members in person. You can also get more information by contacting them through the EscrowHill.com website or an email to Support @ EscrowHill.com. 

(Posted January 9, 2014)

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