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September 16, 2014

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Tattoo U:  Learning a Thing or Two from a Local Tattoo Convention (There are Still Riches in Niches)

When I am reading  through our local newspaper every morning I see articles that make me think about domains in one way or another. For example, news about new trends that have strong commercial potential often send me off on a search for relevant domains, as happened this morning when I read an article about "green burials".  

Tattoo artist photo from Bigstock

Other stories may reveal domain marketing opportunities I didn't know existed - especially with so many new gTLDs coming out that are relying on niche markets for their success. Such was the case when I read a piece in the Tampa Bay Times today about a big event held at our city's convention center over the weekend - The Tampa Tattoo Arts Convention.

While I've seen a lot of small tattoo shops on street corners, I had no idea these folks had major conventions. Attendees and artists had come from all over Florida as well as from out of state for the event,  with vendors spread across the floor in their own booths (many doing tattoos on the spot). So, of course I immediately thought of Uniregistry's new .tattoo extension and what a natural tie in these

events would be for them to spread the word about the new TLD to tattoo artists, shop owners and tattoo fans.

I'm sure I'm not writing anything that Uniregistry founder Frank Schilling doesn't already know (he is always three steps or more ahead of everybody else - a talent that has made him so spectacularly successful). I bring it up because it illustrates that there are more big opportunities out there than a lot of us, including me, realize because they are in areas that are not on our personal radar. In this case, the opportunity is probably bigger for a registry operator than a domain investor but the principal is the same.

Having little knowledge of the space, I had some doubt about the viability of .tattoo (and it is 

still too early to say how viable it will be) - but I do now see that there is a huge pool of leads that congregate in central locations that make their community easier and more affordable to reach. I have always been a huge believer in finding niche opportunities (DN Journal itself was one) and this is a good reminder that those are always out there for smart entrepreneurs to take advantage of. 

Jothan Frakes

In a related note, another article in today's paper caught my attention. It was about the Super Freestyle Explosion arena concert that was held in Tampa Saturday night with a bill that included old school favorites from the 80s and 90s including Expose, Lisa Lisa and Stevie B

Why did that catch my attention? If you read our current cover story profiling Jothan Frakes, you found a whole section about Stevie B! Why? Because, Jothan worked for Stevie at the height of the singer's career and wound up touring  the country with him. Seeing Stevie B. on the local bill, right after I had written about Jothan's time with him nearly 25 years ago, reminded me of what a small (and fascinating) world we live in! Too bad Jothan isn't still touring with Stevie as I most certainly would have hit him up for some free tickets!

(Posted Sept. 15, 2014)

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