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May 25, 2017

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The Lowdown is compiled by DN Journal Editor & Publisher Ron Jackson.

Above.com Announces New Domain Brokerage Service Headed By Sevan Derderian

If you are looking for someone to broker a domain or portfolio for you, you got a new option today when Trellian/Above.com President announced the launch of Above.com's new domain brokerage service. Warmuz said, "The investment in our brokerage service underscores Above.com’s ongoing commitment to helping domain name asset holders maximize the return on their domain investments."

"Rest assured that this is not just another ordinary brokerage service," Warmuz said. "First of all, our brokerage team has over 35 years of combined experience negotiating and closing domain sales transactions. For sellers, this means that we have what it takes to convert prospects into buyers. And for stealth-mode buyers, it means we have the connections and negotiation skills to find and acquire great domains for you. Our Brokerage Service will hit the ground running by utilizing powerful features included in our existing Marketplace platform. For example, clients will have access to dashboards that streamline the tracking and management of offers, bids, auctions, and prices. We also offer customized For Sale pages and fast domain transfers.

David Warmuz
President, Trellian/Above.com

Sevan Derderian
Above.com Brokerage Director

Widely-known domain industry veteran Sevan Derderian is in charge of the new Brokerage Service. Sevan recently moved over from Uniregistry to head up Above.com's brokerage operations. If you are a veteran domain investor odds are Sevan already knows you and he or a member of his team will be contacting you soon. In addition to brokerage services they will be offering customized discounted pricing on bulk registrations and transfers to Above’s Registrar. If you want to get the ball rolling immediately feel free to contact Sevan via email at [email protected]. He will tell you how to get started with the brokerage service and/or registrar and answer any questions you may have.

In his announcement today Warmuz added "With the addition of our new Brokerage Service, Above.com now offers one integrated platform that provides everything a domain investor needs to register, renew, buy, sell, and optimize the monetization of their domain asset investments.

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Veteran Intellectual Property Broker Cyntia King Has Launched Her Own Firm at ModernIP.com

Veteran intellectual property broker Cyntia King has just opened her own shop, Modern IP, LLC (MIP).  Cyntia, who is based in the Kansas City area, become well-known in the domain side of the IP business after spending nearly a decade as a Senior Broker for Sales and Acquisitions at Marksmen, Inc. She has been involved in deals involving 7-figure domain sales, trademark co-existence agreements and even a stock ticker symbol purchase.

Ms. King, whose experience includes working with clients from farming collectives to Fortune 50 companies, said, "Intellectual property is my passion. I'm excited to bring my enthusiasm for deal-making and IP directly to my clients. Our extensive industry knowledge, worldwide connections and partnerships with IP professionals allow MIP to get results others cannot."  

MIP specializes in transactions including confidential acquisitions of domains, trademarks, social media and

Cyntia King
Modern IP CEO & Founder

more; international negotiations; facilitating court-ordered domain transfers; and brokering select domains. Clients can track cases in real time via web portal or mobile app.









John Mauriello 
Managing Partner

Widely-known domain broker John Mauriello, Managing Partner of DomainAssets.com, said "Cyntia has been a strategic partner, long-time trusted advisor and an expert in IP and domain name acquisitions. She has been very helpful in marketing and securing valuable IP assets for my clients and I would recommend her wholeheartedly for confidential and successful domain and IP acquisitions or sales."

Another endorsement came from Russell Pangborn, Partner, Seed IP Law Group, LLP, who said, "Cyntia brings exceptional insight, experience and knowledge to Modern IP's acquisition services. She has helped me with a number of domain and trademark acquisitions over the years and I always make sure to request her by name. I trust Cyntia's judgment and rely on her guidance in dealing with important domain name deals. For the most urgent acquisitions, I don't hesitate to contact Cyntia to spearhead the negotiations." 

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Domaining Europe Update - A Busy Agenda & Online Auction to Highlight Next Month's Big Event in Berlin

The 2017 Domaining Europe conference is almost here. The 9th edition of the event, that will be staged May 14-16 at the Steigenberger Hotel Am Kanzleramt in Berlin, will mark the first time the show has been staged in Germany. It is an especially appropriate location because that European powerhouse has long been famous for its love of domains.

Germany's .de ccTLD is the world's most popular country code extension (not counting the free .tk extension) with over 14 million paid

registrations and many of the industry's leading companies are based there. Many of those firms will have representatives at Domaining Europe where they will be joined by other corporate leaders and individual domain investors and developers from across Europe and around the world. 

Show founder Dietmar Stefitz has lined up over 40 speakers for the event and finalized the agenda that you can view here. Dietmar has again enlisted Braden Pollock (LegalBrandMarketing) to serve as the conference moderator, a role Braden has excelled in  at shows around the globe.  I will also be going over to cover Domaining Europe for you and to   participate in a panel discussion on the opening business day (Monday, May 15) with Michael Gilmour (ParkLogic.com), Jackson Elsegood (Escrow.com) and attorney Thomas Rickert in which we will discuss what the latest data is telling us about the health of the industry. 

Later that same day there will be another session featuring top brokers and investors, including lze Kaulins-Plascacz, Freddy Schiwek, Michael Bereslavsky, Jordi Gasull, Shaun Wilkinson, Sevan Derderian and  Giuseppe Graziano that will also give attendees some invaluable insight. Those are just a couple of examples from the 20 business sessions scheduled for Domaining Europe 2017. 

Image from Bigstock

Some of the biggest news since my last show update in early March was the release of details on a special online domain auction that Undeveloped.com (an Epik company) will conduct in conjunction with Domaining Europe. That event will run for three weeks from May 7 through May 21. Undeveloped has put together an impressive catalog with an inventory led by Whiskey.com (as a point of comparison, Whisky.com was sold for $3.1 million in 2014). The listings also include HardDrives.com, Gastronomy.com, Sevilla.com, ZUT.com and 5.at to name just a few. You can also submit your own domains for sale for consideration here.

Of course, in addition to all of the business events there will be plenty of time for informal networking and relationship building. There will be TWO coffee breaks and a Lunch break 

on each business day, as well as a big dinner Monday night (May 15), sponsored by Verisign, at the Zollpackhof Restaurant and Beer Garden in Berlin. 

There is still time to register for the show and book a room at the conference hotel. If you can make it I will look forward to seeing you there!

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Don't Miss the Boat! DNHouston Will Reconvene Two Weeks From Now - This Time on the Water

Texas domain investors (and anyone who wants to meet up with them) will have a chance to get together when Angela St. Julien brings DNHouston back on Friday night, April 28, 2017. The event, sponsored by the Public Interest Registry (administrators of the .ORG TLD) will be held on the waters along Clear Lake, the Kemah Boardwalk and Galveston Bay aboard a Houston Party Boats vessel. 

Attendees will board promptly at 6:45pm and the meetup is scheduled to run until 10pm. Considering the quality of people you will get to network with and hear speak, as well

as the obvious fun quotient, tickets are an astonishing bargain at $25 but you had better hurry as there is room for just 50 passengers. Better yet, the proceeds will be donated to the Heidi Powell defense fund in a very generous gesture by Angela. 

Angela St. Julien
DNHouston Founder 

Angela has corralled a terrific group of speakers for this meetup, with two of the four coming from far beyond Texas to take part in the event. Donuts Inc's Director of Business Development, Andee Hill, is flying in from California and Victor Pitts, Director of Premium Sales at MMX will make the trip from Florida. The two Texans who will be on the dais are nothing to sneeze at either, with PIR's APAC Channel Manager Kevin Kopas and standout SEO Consultant Bill Hartzer also set to speak.

It will be a great opportunity to learn more about how domain names can take your business to the next level, while networking with people in the online community that understand and share your goals. DNHouston is a growing community of online professionals who believe in the power of face to face connections - and I am in full agreement that there is no substitute for that.

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Afternic's Amber West Upholds Our Industry's Creative Tradition with Release of Her 2nd Novel

Over the years I have often commented on the  extraordinarily large number of highly creative people whose path, for one reason or another, led them into the domain business. We have authors, actors, singers, musicians, movie producers, painters and artists of all kinds. In case you haven't already heard, I'm happy to tell you about another one today, Amber West, a domain industry veteran who I first met a dozen years ago when she originally joined domain aftermarket powerhouse Afternic (who is now owned by GoDaddy). 

Amber, who is based in Orlando, just published her second novel, The Cattle Conumdrum, on April 1st. The engrossing mystery details a new case undertaken by female detective Jameson Quinn, whom West first introduced in her highly rated 2012 debut novel - The Ruth Valley Missing that was a Rone Awards finalist.

Author Amber West

The covers of Amber West's two novels, both of which are available at Amazon (just $2.99 each for the Kindle version,  $10.99 and $13.49 respectively in paperback).

The Ruth Valley Missing has hundreds of positive reviews at Amazon where it has earned an outstanding 4.4 stars out of 5 rating from readers. One of the top reviews at Amazon notes, 'This plot was riveting and I stayed up way too late to find out what happened. The final twist left me expecting a sequel but it does stand alone. The writing was taut and the plot well developed. Highly recommended!"

The sequel that reviewer expected is now here in The Cattlemen Conundrum. One of Amber's biggest fans, DNC Holdings Business Development Director Mike Robertson, told me, "I'm a HUGE fan of her debut novel and am currently working my way through the second - it kept me up until almost midnight reading last night." (If Mike was late getting back to any of you this morning, now you know why)! 

Amber West and Mike Robertson at the 2008 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Orlando conference.
(Photo courtesy of Barbara Neu)

The Amazon synopses of Amber's books provide interesting outlines of the two novels that should pique your interest. The one for  The Ruth Valley Missing says, "Jameson Quinn is sick of trying to find herself in the big city. After a gallery opening ends in a trip to the ER and an argument with her self-involved boyfriend, she decides to take off for the peace and quiet of a small town — Ruth Valley. The small town has everything Brooklyn lacked: simple people, 

peaceful surroundings, and a feeling of safety. Jameson even finds the perfect house to rent from the town’s most eligible bachelor, Sheriff Jack. Life is finally headed in a promising direction. But something isn't right. A young man is mysteriously injured, then disappears — and Jameson finds he isn't the only person to suddenly vanish. The suspicious behavior of an abrasive nun and a creepy priest set her off on an investigation of what's really happening. Will she figure out the secrets of Ruth Valley before she's the next to go missing?"

The synopsis for The Cattlemen Conundrum notes, "Jameson Quinn is doing her best to move forward and put the horrors of Ruth Valley behind her. A peaceful tourist stop in upstate New York seems like just the spot to forget about 

the past and figure out what’s next for her. With a bit of prodding from Agent Demings, she attempts to make new friends, including Callum MacDonald, a gruff old farmer who takes a shine to Jameson. But when his cattle start acting strangely, and suspicious circumstances surround the death of one, she quickly finds herself once again in the midst of a mystery. Her investigative efforts are complicated by the arrival of Callum’s irksome son, Graeme, who appears determined to run her off. Is something really happening to Callum’s cattle, or is it all in James’ head? Who would hurt a herd of poor innocent cows? And is it just the cows she should be worried about?"

OK, that's enough for me - I'm off to get copies of those books. Congratulations to Amber and thanks for upholding the creative tradition the domain industry has become known for! 

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Jothan Frakes & Ray Dillman Neu Join Forces to Create New MERGE! Conference Coming to Orlando Next Fall

In a bold move to take industry conferences beyond what we've become accustomed to, two of the most seasoned veterans in the business, Jothan Frakes and Ray Dillman Neu, have joined forces to create an innovative new event called MERGE! that will make its maiden voyage October 14-18, 2017 at the massive Orlando Marriott World Resort in Florida (the largest Marriott hotel in the world). 

Unless you are new to the industry you already know that Frakes was Co-Founder of the enormously popular NamesCon conference (that was sold to World Hosting Days last year) and was also instrumental in running DOMAINfest and Domain Roundtable conferences dating back to more than a decade ago.

Ray Dillman Neu co-founded THE Domain Conference with Howard and Barbara Neu and ran that event with them the past two years in Fort Lauderdale. Before that he spent a decade helping run the  historic T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conferences that were

Merge! Co-Founders Jothan Frakes and Ray Dillman Neu

staged in South Florida and other U.S. and international locations (including Amsterdam, Dublin, Milan and Vancouver) from 2004 through 2014. After 12 straight years of putting on shows, Howard and Barbara decided to step back from their leadership role but I've been told THE Domain Conference will continue as the domain branch on the MERGE! tree.

MERGE! will be made up of many events in one location - a concept that will give attendees shared access to multiple networking and educational opportunities in a variety of related fields in addition to domains. The sessions, speakers (including common keynotes), panels, networking, sponsors, and inter-active events will all be focused on fusing ideas, businesses and people. With MERGE! the founders aim to combine the best of Domain Roundtable, DomainFest and THE Domain Conference along with Legal panels, Digital Branding professionals, Website Development, End User Experience, Domain Name Investment and Appraisal, New Business Startups, IP Technology, SEO Design, Security, Hosting and more.

More detailed information on all of the speakers and events available under the single MERGE! ticket will be released in the weeks ahead but I'm told several are already in place including a China Bootcamp, a Hispanic business day, an event devoted to StartUps, a Job Fair and much more. 

Above: The Orlando Marriott Word Resort 
where the 1st MERGE! conference will be held October 14-18, 2017.

Below: An aerial view of the world renowned Orlando Marriott World Resort.

The Orlando Marriott World Resort also has many restaurants to choose from on site and the hotel is located just a mile and a half from Disney World (with shuttle service to the park available). MERGE! has secured a remarkably low conference rate for rooms at this world class facility - just $129 a night (about half of what they normally cost). 

Registration has just opened and if you act quickly you can grab one of the limited number of $199 early bird tickets (plus $11.94 service fee) before the discounted Spring Rate of $349 (plus $20.19 service fee) goes into effect (ending June 1). The price will rise to $499 (plus $28.44 service fee) this summer (ending September 1) and will be $899 plus service fee at the door.

Lobby at the Orlando Marriott World Resort

With Jothan and Ray at the helm and a outstanding world class resort venue secured for the event, MERGE! has positioned itself to be a can't miss event for years to come.

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Date and Location Set for DNSeattle 2017 - Amazon to Sponsor and Host 4th Annual Event

The popular DNSeattle domain industry meetup will be returning for a 4th annual event on Thursday, May 25, 2017. The soiree will run from 6-9pm at a popular Amazon meeting space affectionately know as "The Living Room" (at 426 Terry Avenue North in Seattle) with post-event socializing then continuing until midnight at a local bar.

DNSeattle Founder Michael Cyger kicked off the series with a debut event held at the top of Seattle's Space Needle in 2014. In 2015 Rightside hosted the meetup at their suburban headquarters in Kirkland, then last year GoDaddy welcomed attendees to their offices overlooking Lake Washington.

DNSeattle Founder Michael Cyger (center) 
chatting with attendees at last year's meetup.

DNSeattle activities include networking, speaker/panel discussions and socializing while enjoying appetizers and a bar. Attendees typically come from all over the Pacific Northwest. Last year Seattle, Vancouver-BC, Portland, Montana, Idaho were all represented at the event but attendees from anywhere are welcome. In 2016, Mark Levine traveled from Minneapolis and Joe Styler came from Arizona. In 2015, Braden Pollock and Bob Olea came up from Southern California.  

Above and below: Scenes from the 2016 edition of DNSeattle hosted by GoDaddy.
(Photos courtesy of DNSeattle, Shari Bradbury)

For this year's show Amazon, in addition to providing the meeting space, is the lead sponsor of DNSeattle and Cyger expressed his gratitude to Amazon's Stacey King for her generous support of the upcoming event. GoDaddy, Donuts, Rightside (all Seattle locally-based companies), as well as Payoneer Escrow and Above.com, have joined as supporting sponsors.

A look inside Amazon's "Living Room" where DNSeattle 2017 will be held.

As in the past, all proceeds from DNSeattle will benefit the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle - a phenomenal research institute focused on finding a cure for cancer.  

Michael Cyger told us, "I can't wait for the 4th annual DNSeattle event on May 25th. Every year gets bigger, better, more social and more educational. Big news coming about our educational content, and we'll have plenty of giveaways as usual. Get your tickets ($24 each) soon, because we'll likely sell out again this year and only 100 tickets are available for sale."

Cyger added, "Our first two attendees somehow found that we'd turned on ticketing and bought their tickets - without us even announcing anything! We're excited to have our Hexonet neighbors from the North, Patrick McCleery and Robert Birkner, come down from Canada for the event. Hexonet has joined us for every event we've held!"

For attendees coming from out of town that want to spend the night, Cyger also noted that DNSeattle is working on securing accommodations with an announcement on that expected within the next few weeks. 

DNSeattle Founder Michael Cyger 
speaking at the meetup's 
debut event in 2014.

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Payoneer Continues Push Into Domain Payments Biz By Waiving Escrow Fees at Efty This Month - Half Off Everywhere Else

Global payments giant Payoneer has been making a major push into the domain sales business ever since former Escrow.com President Brandon Abbey joined the company as Senior Adviser last October (Abbey is now Director Strategic Accounts). They are continuing to ramp up their campaign this year. On April 1st Payoneer began offering 50% off their standard escrow fees for all domain sales transactions - a deal that will remain in place until the end of this month. 

Just four days later, on Wednesday (April 5), Payoneer fired another salvo when a new partnership with domain name investment platform Efty.com was announced - a deal that will give Efty customers free escrow services on any sales made this month. 

An Efty announcement about the incorporation of Payoneer's secure, licensed escrow service for global domain name transactions into their platform said, "A deep integration with Payoneer’s escrow API enables Efty users to place Buy It Now (BIN) buttons on their For-Sale landing pages and domain name marketplace, which will allow buyers to purchase their domain names with the help of the licensed and secure online escrow payment service. With it's easy to use interface, Payoneer’s escrow service is one of the easiest and most secure ways for businesses to pay and get paid online."

Payoneer is a digital payments company that powers cross-border transactions to over 200 countries, in 150 local currencies. Thousands of major internet brands, like Airbnb and Google as well as millions of small business owners such as online sellers in China and service providers in India, rely on Payoneer to power their cross-border payments.

Doron Vermaat, Head of Product at Efty, said “Lately we have seen an increasing demand for alternative domain escrow services from our users and we feel that Payoneer’s world-class technology, seasoned team,  and competitive pricing are the perfect partner to fill the gap and help us with our core mission to help our users sell more domain names without paying a dollar in commission.  Payoneer’s global payment capability, enables our sellers, who are based all around the world to receive payments quicker, in their local currency and at lower costs than with traditional payment methods”

Efty Head of Product Doron Vermaat (left) and 
Director Strategic Accounts Brandon Abbey.

Brandon Abbey added “Payoneer is very pleased to partner with Efty, enabling their marketplaces to offer our premier escrow services.  Efty continues to excel in providing best in class solutions for domain investors.  Payoneer recognizes the strong growth in the domain investing community, and we continue to add new features to our system to better support the needs of the domainers.”

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Photos & Highlights from Dubai's Annual Investment Meeting Where Sedo Put Domains in the Spotlight

Last Friday I told you about Sedo sending a trio from their top management team to Dubai to present domain names as potentially valuable assets to attendees at the 2017 Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) there. The three-day event that ended last night (Tuesday, April 4) at the Dubai World Trade Centre attracted over 15,000 investors from around the world who came seeking foreign direct investment (FDI) opportunities in growing markets.

This was Sedo's first time as an exhibitor at a conference of this kind - the latest  in a long line of outreach efforts they have undertaken to grow the domain industry worldwide. With this one providing an opportunity to reach some of the world's top investors, Sedo went all in, sending CEO Tobias Flaitz, Director of Business Development and Operations 

Part of the massive crowd on hand for Dubai's Annual
Investment Meeting
that ran April 2-4, 2017 at the city's 
World Trade Centre
. (Photos courtesy of Sedo)

Matthias Meyer-Schönherr and Director of Marketing Christian Voss to Dubai to meet speak directly with potential investors.   

Above: Sedo's Director of Marketing, Christian Voss (right), welcomes a 
visitor to Sedo's booth at Dubai's Annual Investment Meeting (AIM). 

Below: Director of Business Development and Operations Matthias Meyer-Schönherr (left) and CEO Tobias Flaitz (2nd from left) told attendees about investment opportunities in domains.

Above: They do things differently - including seminar seating - in Dubai!

Above: A regal security detail at the World Trade Centre where AIM was held in Dubai.

Below: Things are done on a grand scale in Dubai including police cars 
that are often Bentleys, McLarens and other ultra high end models. 

The top level investors who came to Dubai obviously have a lot of money to spend. They also have a lot of options. Convincing them that domains should be among the ones they seriously consider is an ambitious and expensive undertaking, and we appreciate Sedo taking on the challenge. They have made a long term commitment to educational initiatives like this and if their strategy succeeds, it will  pay major dividends for the industry at large for many years to come.  

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VPS Web Hosting

New Domain Conference Produced By Industry Veterans Coming to New York City This Summer

The 2017 domain calendar just got an important new addition. The first NameSummit conference will be held August 7th and 8th at the Hilton Midtown Manhattan Hotel. Unless you are new to this business, you will recognize all of the names involved it putting this event together. 

It will be co-produced by New York Media (NYM) and one of the oldest domain industry law firms, ESQWire.com. NYM Founder (and veteran domain investor) Steven Kaziyev and 

ESQWire's Senior IP Counsel Jason Schaeffer have also brought conference production pro Jodi Chamberlain (32 Events.com) on board to direct NameSummit. Over the years Jodi has played a key role in producing T.R.A.F.F.I.C., Domaining Europe and NamesCon conferences, among others. This show will extend beyond domains with coverage of a full range of digital branding topics.

Above: (left to right): NameSummit Co-Producers Jason Schaeffer (ESQWire.com) and Steven Kaziyev (New York Media) and conference Director Jodi Chamberlain (32Events).

Below: The ornate Ballroom at the Hilton Midtown Manhattan Hotel that will serve as the central meeting room for the first NameSummit conference August 7-8, 2017.

NameSummit organizers, noting that "a great name and concept is just the beginning" said attendees will have an opportunity to "meet with leading branding professionals, domain name industry experts, registries and business leaders, as well as learn from and network with fellow entrepreneurs and digital branding superstars.  We’re covering it all – developing and maintaining a brand online, mastering up-to-the-minute SEO algorithms, as well as key insights and trends into what really works and what doesn’t, across multiple online industries and competitive spaces."

The agenda will feature CEOs, marketing directors, investors, and digital branding specialists with speakers from brands including the Top Level Domain for New York City, .NYC, Personal Branding expert Greg Yuna

(better known to some as  “Mr. Flawless”)  and big city brand owners Josh Perla of  TimesSquare.com and John Colascione of LongIsland.com. More information on these speakers and others that will be added can be found here

Some of the Topics from keynote presentations and discussion panels will include: 

  • It all starts with a great name- Meet with leading domain name industry experts, registries and branding professionals

  • Optimizing the Digital Experience – Provide users with the information they expect to receive when interacting with a brand 

  • Maintaining Consistency Across Multiple Platforms - Utilizing social media, digital advertising and websites to define a cohesive brand presence

  • Establishing a Brand Online – Competing with other brands and establishing strong SEO keywords and platforms 

  • Universal Acceptance and New TLDs – Understand how to use new TLDs to reach consumers and promote special campaigns

  • Engaging Users Based on Behavior Patterns – Analyze actions taken by users to strategically promote a brand 

  • Managing Privacy, Security and Data – Learn how privacy, security and data management can make you more profitable

Early bird tickets (all tickets include lunch) are on sale now until May 2 for $399 and can be purchased here. Rooms at the Hilton Midtown Manhattan Hotel are available for all event guests at a special conference rate of $229 per night. You can make room reservations here. For more information about the event, you can email [email protected].

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