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August 27, 2012

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Ron Jackson Going Bald? If  Gregg McNair Has His Way It Will Happen Next Month at a Water School Fundraiser in Spain

Help! Gregg "The Mad Barber" McNair  has his hair clippers out again and I am the one he has in his sites this time! 

If you are a regular reader you know that McNair, the Chairman at PPX International, is an ardent supporter of The Water School, a life-saving non-profit charitable organization that Gregg and (through his educational efforts) many others in the domain industry have rallied around. A couple of months ago in a fund raising effort for The Water School at the 2012 DOMAINfest Global conference in Santa Monica, California McNair cajoled three well-known

 industry figures, Vern Jurovich, Jeff Gabriel and Bill Lozada, into letting him shave their heads in exchange for donations from those on hand to witness the spectacle. They wound up securing over $30,000 in pledges -  more than half of which have now been paid (more details on the effort can be found at WaterShave.org).

One evening at DOMAINfest Global while I was chatting with Gregg and Jan Barta about the three guys who were about to

(Left to right) Jeff Gabriel, Vern Jurovich and Bill Lozada 
after Gregg "The Mad Barber" McNair and his hair clippers 
got through with them at DOMAINfest Global in February. 

be "led to the slaughter" later that night, Barta blurted out that he would donate $10,000 for my scalp! I thought he was joking, but he wasn't. Ever since then Gregg and another domain industry pioneer, Richard Lau, have been scheming to lure me into their trap (Richard and Gregg both serve on The Water School's Board of Directors). When asked what it would take for me to succumb to McNair's clippers, I tossed out a crazy number - $50,000 - expecting that would get me off the hook

I should have know better than to under estimate McNair and Lau, who just turned the heat up to the boiling point with a news release I just received. I learned that another heavy hitter has joined their cause and I am starting to worry that my "luxurious locks" could be in serious jeopardy now. Their release is below:

Gregg McNair (left) and Richard Lau
representing The Water School's Board of Directors

Can you imagine a bald Ron Jackson? 

Domain industry personalities Jan Barta and Frank Schilling of Elephant Traffic and Internet Traffic respectively, have conspired with Gregg McNair of PPX International to convince Ron Jackson to allow Gregg to shave Ron bald at the upcoming Domaining Europe 2012 conference that will be held in Valencia, Spain April 26-28

Ron has set a minimum price on his hair of $50,000 and Jan and Frank have answered the call with $10,000 each so we are well on the way to raising a good amount for the Water School's life saving work in Africa. After Frank quickly responded with a pledge to match Jan's we have begun earnestly looking for others to support the WaterShave Jackson event in Spain.

You may recall Vern Jurovich, Jeff Gabriel and Bill Lozada were shaved by Gregg for the Water School after receiving pledges in excess of $30,000 during the DOMAINfest Global conference in February. At that meeting, Ron, who is also a fervent Water School supporter, was challenged by Jan to go under Gregg's blade and we fully expect that "friendly persuasion" from the domain community will convince him to "support" our new initiative. Perhaps the best known and liked person in our industry, Ron commands respect from all who know him and we invite everyone to support Ron in this endeavor to help save the lives of kids in Africa.

The Water School has been informally adopted as the domain space charity with more than 60 industry participants actually visiting projects in Uganda and Kenya. The program educates children and families about the SODIS technology that disinfects local water using the UV rays of the sun, reducing the incidence of death, especially among children, from preventable waterborne diseases. (visit WaterSchool.com for full details about the organization's work.)

Richard Lau said, “The Water School program is 100% tax deductible, 100% sustainable and 100% of any donation goes to the field in Africa. I urge all my colleagues to rally behind Ron and help change the course of thousands of kids’ lives. Any amount, even $50 will make a difference and you can donate online at WaterShave.org."

Gregg McNair and Richard Lau on behalf of The Water School.

Ron & Diana Jackson

So, here we are. At this point I know that my wife Diana, my hair and I will all be going to Spain next month, but I'm afraid only two of the three will be on the flight back home! Every dollar donated to The Water School will make it harder to weasel out of this one. 

Gregg and Richard suggested that perhaps I could acknowledge all donations of $500 or more with a thank you in this column the next time there is updated information to pass along.  I would, of course, be happy to do that,. However, as to how happy I would be running around with no hair this summer - probably not so much! Still, it isn't over until the fat lady sings and 50K is still a good distance away. My fate (as well as my pate) rests in your hands! 

(Posted March 22, 2012) 

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