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August 24, 2013

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And the Hits Just Keep on Coming - Weekly Streak of 6-Figure (or Higher) Domain Sales Will Reach at Least 7 + Sedo Embraces Brazil with Portuguese Language Site

Sedo announced the $300,000 sale of DJI.com today (in a deal brokered by Sedo Senior Sales and Brokerage Consultant Dave Evanson). It's the second week in a row that a 6-figure 3-letter .com sale has been reported, coming on the heels of last week's $135,000 sale of RSS.com in a private transaction.

DJI.com may lead our latest Top 20 Domain Sales chart when our weekly aftermarket report comes out Wednesday and, in any case, it will be the 6th consecutive week that a sale of six figures (or more) has been reported. I can already tell you the string will reach at least seven next week because, as part of a larger story, we will be announcing another big sale before this week is out (one that would currently rank as the 2nd biggest transaction reported so far this year).

The resurgence in the market

2013 growth image from Bigstock

especially at the high end, is encouraging, especially considering that it has come in the middle of the summer, a time that is typically slower for aftermarket sales. That could portend even better things ahead in the closing months of 2013.

Brazil flag image form Bigstock

Sedo had some other news today, announcing the launch of a new Portuguese language version of their site that opens the door for them to reach Brazil's 80 million internet users in their own language. 

Sedo noted "the e-commerce market in Brazil has been growing steadily, especially in recent years, when the economic strength of the country has increased the purchasing power of the middle class, who increasingly uses the Internet to do business." Portuguese is the most widely spoken language in the Southern Hemisphere and Sedo believes upcoming events there like the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016 will add further fuel to Brazil's rapidly expanding online market.

Sedo’s CEO Tobias Flaitz said, “Since Sedo was founded, we have been known as the only company who understands the global nature of

the domain industry. The introduction of our Brazilian website continues that trend. We now make it easier for Brazilian clients to buy, park, and sell, but we also expand the potential audience of buyers for all our customers’ domains by a factor of millions.” 

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Domains Go Mainstream! One of the World's 3 Largest Auction Houses - Heritage Auctions - Opens New Domain Name & IP Division Headed by Aron Meystedt

Heritage Auctions (HA.com), the world's 3rd largest auction house (trailing only Christie's and Sotheby's) has created a new division dedicated to domain names and intellectual property. Veteran domain investor/developer Aron Meystedt (who was profiled in our September 2009 Cover Story) was selected to found and direct the new division that will operate from Heritage Auction headquarters in Dallas, Texas (Heritage also has offices in San Francisco, Beverly Hills, New York and Europe).

In a landmark leap into the mainstream auction world, domain names and other intellectual property will take their place alongside Heritage Auctions' vast offering of collectibles and investment quality items including fine art, sports memorabilia, rare coins, wine, movie posters and more.  Meystedt told us, "Securing the involvement of a major auction house like HA.com is something I’ve wanted to accomplish for several years. This is going to help spread the reach for domain owners and brokers going forward."

Aron Meystedt, Founder & Director,
Domain Name & Intellectual Property Division
Heritage Auctions (HA.com)

Aron noted, "Heritage has over 800,000 registered bidder members who have proven to be seriously interested in collectibles and investments. Our online platform has been vital to our growth.  We are able to seamlessly integrate online bidding with in the room floor and phone bids. Heritage Auctions will sell around $1 billion worth of collectible merchandise this year alone. Heritage Auctions is very excited to enter the domain industry. Heritage prides itself on transparency, integrity and expertise and we feel we can bring all three into the domain market."

Further detailing what HA's arrival in the domain space means for domain owners, Meystedt said, "Heritage Auctions is a company that values and understands premium domain names. Several years ago, the founders bought HA.com on the aftermarket.  HA.com has helped propel the company forward in a great way.  Heritage Auctions will reach a new, untapped group of buyers that the domain community hasn’t been able to reach previously. Our members are actively seeking investment opportunities and collectible items."

"Heritage Auctions offers “liquidation opportunities” for owners of domains and other collectibles," Meystedt said. " We can market and sell your names to our buyer base that spans the globe. Heritage has a tremendous marketing and PR department. For example, this item at auction -  Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Original Cover Art - has received tremendous press. It is a one-of-one type of investment, and this is the type of collectible that Heritage is great at promoting."

Image from Bigstock

Meystedt added, "Heritage Auctions has the ability to integrate live Internet bidding with the floor auctions.  Many companies have attempted this, with poor results, but HA.com works flawlessly. We will use a combination of Internet bidding and live auctions to bring the most money for domain owners."

Meystedt also had a message for domain brokers. "We will be providing another way for brokers to sell their inventory, as we market their listings to buyers all over the globe. We also have a special commission structure that is very attractive to brokers. All a broker has to do is leverage their network to bring us top quality names for our auction. We will market these names to a previously untapped group of buyers."

"You will see Heritage Auctions hold a premium domain auction very soon. We are

accepting submissions for names that have investment or serious end-user qualities. The best type of names are: LL and NN, LLL and NNN, one word names, names with traffic or revenue etc.  For our inaugural auction, we are seeking names valued at $5,000 up to 7-figures. Heritage often sells items for over $1,000,000 – so this price tag certainly won’t scare away our bidders," Meystedt said.

To get started with Heritage Auctions Meystedt said all you need to do is register at www.HA.com/IP, a process that he said literally takes just a minute. Meystedt said those who have premium domains to submit or those with questions can also reach him by email - [email protected] (As the owner of XF.com, Aron is no stranger to a rare two-letter .com address. He also owns Symbolics.com - the first .com domain ever registered).

" When you inquire I can share more details about how our process works,"  Meystedt added. "I will also be personally reaching out to many domain brokers and premium domain owners with information on what Heritage Auctions has planned. We will have our full IP department site launched very soon – but we wanted to give the domain community the news first, before we announce the launch of the new division to the world," Meystedt concluded.

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John Berryhill Collars Reverse Domain Name Hijacker on Way to Winning Two UDRP Cases in One Day for Frank Schilling

John Berryhill

Attorney John Berryhill has had many good days in the UDRP arena, scoring so many wins for his clients that, for more than a decade now, he has been one of the most sought after legal counselors in our industry. While every day that he helps the rightful owner of a domain name successfully defend his or her asset is a good day, Wednesday was an especially gratifying one as word arrived that Dr. Berryhill had won not one but two important UDRP cases on behalf of client Frank Schilling's company, Name Administration LLC.

As Andrew Allemann reported at DomainNameWire, in one of those cases involving the domain Klipz.com, Berryhill not only saved the domain for Schilling, he also succeeded in getting the panel to find the complainant, Aptus Tech (represented by Max Moskowitz, of Ostrolenk Faber LLP), guilty of 

reverse domain name hijacking (RDNH), something arbitrators are often reluctant to do even when the facts in a case warrant it, as they clearly did in this one. For domain investors, RDNH is nothing short of attempted theft and, even though the finding carries no criminal or civil financial penalties, it is certainly not a label any company or individual wants to be saddled with as it comes with the unmistakable stench of unethical behavior

While saving a domain for its rightful owner and winning a declaration of reverse domain name hijacking is enough good news to brighten any day, there was more to come for Dr. Berryhill and Mr. Schilling Wednesday. Soon after the Klipz.com decision was announced, Michael Berkens at TheDomains.com reported Dr. Berryhill's second win of the day, saving Spielwarenmesse.com ("toy fair" in German) for Mr. Schilling after German cooperative Spielwarenmesse eG had attempted to take away the domain through a UDRP filing. 

History has shown that professional  domain portfolio owners like Frank Schilling, Rick Schwartz, Nat Cohen and many others, are not going to let  spurious UDRP challenges go unchallenged. If you try to take something from them that you are not clearly entitled to, you'd better be ready for a fight - and if you don't have all of the facts on your side, be prepared to come away from the skirmish with permanent egg stains on your face as Aptus Tech is sporting today (and will continue to wear from this point forward). 

Egg on your face image from Bigstock

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2Q-2013 Domain Sales Data Shows Improving Market - New Developments at CitiesPlanet Gives GeoDomains a Boost & More TLDs Added at Sedo MLS

In case you missed them I wanted to draw your attention to a couple of big stories published in other sections of our site over the past 24 hours. As I am writing this our latest free monthly newsletter is going out to opt-in subscribers. It features a breakdown of the latest quarterly 

domain sales data covering 2Q-2013 and the data looks good for domain sellers. Three of the key indicators - total dollar volume across all extensions, total .com dollar volume and the median sales price across all extensions all rose from both year ago and previous quarter levels. 

The total $ volume of all sales reported to us in 2Q-2013 was $22.4 million. That is a 7% increase over the $20.9 million reported in the same quarter a year ago and 3% better than 1Q-2013. The total $ volume numbers for .com only were also up in 2Q-2013, reaching $16.8 million - a 9% jump from $15.4 million reported in the same quarter a year ago and 4% better than the previous quarter (1Q-2013).


Climbing sales image from Bigstock

The numbers were also better for what is probably the most accurate indicator of market health - the median sales price across all extensions. The newsletter is also now available online, so you can check it out for all of the details on 2Q-2013 sales results. 

Another important story was published on our home page Monday - one that will come as good news for the geodomain sector. CitiesPlanet.com, the world’s first full monetization platform for geodomain brands, has announced both a major capital infusion and a partnership with Tallwave, a firm founded by former executives from Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and iCrossing is reportedly disrupting the startup incubator/accelerator marketplace with its new system for building these ventures faster with more success and less risk.

The capital infusion comes from another source - Jonathan Wechsler, owner of Boom Entertainment and a Scottsdale, Arizona based businessman with interests in healthcare, night clubs, restaurants and concerts all over the country, who made a large six-figure investment into CitiesPlanet.com, and will take an active role as a Board member. 

CitiesPlanet.com expects the additional funding and partnership to allow the company to expand its existing client portfolio of 65 city .com brands to thousands of worldwide geodomains in the coming 24 months concurrent with development of the next generation of CitiesPlanet's City in the Box software. You can read the full story here including CitiesPlanet Founder Fred Mercaldo's comments on what this increased mainstream investment interest in geodomains means for that industry.

One other note  - last week we told you about the Sedo MLS domain sales platform expanding with the addition of .eu domains to the network. Today the SedoMLS welcomed a much larger group of 30 extensions to the fold - all part of a new agreement with  CentralNic. Those include .la and .pw among others.

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Dr. Chris Hartnett's Remarkably Accomplished Father, William Hartnett, is Eulogized on the House Floor By U.S. Congressman Todd Rokita

 When I interviewed Domain Hall of Fame member Dr. Chris Hartnett for our June 2008 Cover Story profile, Chris spent a good deal of time talking about the influence his father, William Harnett, had on his life. William, a former U.S. Navy officer and FBI agent, was also an attorney who had become one of America's top real estate developers, overseeing such monumental projects as New York's United Nations Plaza, Century City in Los Angeles and his crown jewel - Chicago's Lake Point Tower (the world's largest apartment building at the time it was developed).

This past Monday, July 15, 2013, William Hartnett passed away in Northbrook, Illinois, leaving a remarkable legacy to his wife Lorrayne, his four children, 17 grandchildren and 6 great grand children. 

William Hartnett and his son, Dr. Chris 
, on a 2005 trip to Ireland

William Hartnett's many accomplishments were recognized in the United States Congress yesterday (July 18) when Representative Todd Rokita from Indiana took the floor to eulogize his friend and mentor. You can see and hear the Congressman's comments in the video clip below). 

Incidentally, Rep. Rokita, in addition to being a friend of the Hartnett family, has been a friend of the domain industry. In October 2010, before he was elected to Congress, Rokita, then the Indiana Secretary of State, attended the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Miami conference.

William Hartnett (left) with Dr. Chris 
at the wedding of Chris's 
daughter Kristen.

In our 2008 Cover Story about Chris, he had this to say about his father, "He came from a poor family and went into the service, then put himself through law school working as a manual laborer. He learned the value of a dollar and he wanted me to learn that lesson too. Yes, it took me some time to realize it, but he was a great man - the very best father anyone could be blessed with. I love him more than life itself and don’t regret anything he did. He is at the root of all my accomplishments, materially and spiritually."

In  that same article, Chris recalled one memory of his dad that especially stuck with him. It was in  2001 when, as detailed in the story, Chris was in the hospital battling an illness that nearly took his life. He remembered getting a boost when his father walked into his hospital room one day with a copy of the Wall Street 

Journal that had Chris on the cover. William walked over to the bed and simply said, "I'm proud of you, son." No words could have made Chris feel better. They were words that comforted him then and will no doubt continue to comfort him and his family as they remember William Hartnett and carry on his values and ideals in the years ahead.

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.CO Celebrating 3rd Birthday and Sedo Report Showing Solid Aftermarket Performance for the TLD

The .CO Registry is ready to celebrate its 3rd birthday since the Colombian country code was re-launched on July 20, 2010 as an open globally available extension. .CO's management team has been widely credited for "writing the book" on how to market a new (or re-launched)  TLD. Their efforts, which have included everything from print pieces slipped under hotel room doors to Super Bowl commercials have helped .CO surpass 1.5 million registrations. 

Aftermarket powerhouse Sedo.com, who has been a .CO supporter from the start, helped celebrate the TLD's 3rd birthday by releasing a report today (.pdf file) detailing how .CO has performed on Sedo's sales platform. The report said that Sedo has sold $2.6 million worth of .CO domains since the 2010 re-launch. The median price for .CO domains (the point at which half of all sales were higher and half were lower) was $570, a figure exceeded at Sedo only by .com. Sedo said the .CO median price has risen 14% since 2010 while the average price has shot up by 37%, with the average actually surpassing Sedo's average for .com.

Lori Anne Wardi, Vice President of Brand for .CO, said, “It’s exciting to see that .CO is already achieving average and median sales prices on the secondary market that are on par with – and in many cases surpassing – industry heavyweights like .com and .org.  This said, we recognize that we are still a young TLD with a lot to prove, so we plan to redouble our brand building and community engagement efforts, working even more closely with Sedo and our other partners to build the long-term value of .CO.”  Ms. Wardi, had more to say about .CO's first three years in a post on her blog today. 

You can bet that many of the upcoming new gTLDs will be looking at .CO's playbook when

3rd birthday image from Bigstock

they start  marketing their extensions. Sedo CEO Tobias Flaitz noted, "Our work with .CO – from creating a successful launch period and promoting and selling premium .CO domain names, to using consumer marketing and community building around the TLD – is a great case study of what it takes to successfully launch and build a new domain extension."

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The European Union's .EU Becomes 9th TLD Offered By The SedoMLS Premium Network 

By now most of you are familiar with multiple listing services offered by well-known aftermarket domain sales platforms operated by well-known companies like Sedo, Afternic and Fabulous. Once you enter a name in the venue's system, in addition to appearing on the company's main site, the domain also becomes available for sale through their many network partners, including a Who's Who of leading registrars. These systems have dramatically increased the visibility of domains offered for sale.

However, you may not have known that in most of these systems only a handful of TLDs are accepted for the network. Sedo says its SedoMLS Premium Network offers the most - a total that rose to nine today when the company announced it is now supporting the European Union's .EU extension.  .EU joins .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .US, .CO, .BIZ and .NAME as extensions that can now be distributed through the SedoMLS.

In announcing the new partnership with EURid, the .EU Regsitry, Sedo noted that more than 3.5 million .EU domains are currently registered globally, and with a population of 500 million, the European Union represents one of the largest single markets in the world for premium names. Sedo also pointed out that the TLD has already had a number of significant aftermarket sales including Apotheke.eu ( €51,000), Blackjack.eu ($45,000), Telefonbuch.eu (€28,000), Internet.eu ($26,250) and Money.eu ($20,005).


Sedo’s CEO, Tobias Flaitz, said. “The SedoMLS Premium network is unique in the industry, in that we have a truly global perspective. For our customers, adding a new extension to this distribution channel makes the network even more global, and offers the chance for them to sell their domain names to end users around the world.”

Speaking of Sedo, in case you missed it, earlier this week we published a new profile article about the company, detailing how Sedo has evolved since we first profiled them nearly a decade ago in a 2004 Cover Story. 

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My, How the Mighty Have Fallen! Only Thing of Value Left From CompUSA & Circuit City Are Domain Names and Trademarks


Humpty Dumpty image from Bigstock

10-15 years ago I used to spend a lot of time and money at the local CompUSA store in Tampa. The big box computer retailer was a dream come true - endless stacks of computers, accessories and software at reasonable prices. I liked it so well I wound up up buying stock in the company which I held for several years.  Fortunately I sold it (and even made a decent profit on it) before the tide turned against them, as it would soon after against giant electronics retailer Circuit City

When I found myself skipping trips to CompUSA to take advantage of even lower prices (and no sales tax) at online discount retailers like NewEgg and Amazon (who also delivered right to my door), I figured it was just a matter of time before the high overhead  big box stores would find themselves in a non-competitive position that they would not be able to escape from. So, I sold out and in ensuing years watched CompUSA go through a series of desperate moves and ownership changes, none of which stemmed the flow of blood. 

It was an online retailer, Systemax (operators of TigerDirect.com), who was the last owner of the CompUSA stores. A year after they bought the remnants of CompUSA in 2008, they also acquired the Circuit City name in liquidation and kept that  brand alive briefly as an online only retailer. Systemax finally decided it made more sense to brand all of their operations under one one name - the one they started with - TigerDirect. So, that banner is now on their online operation as well as a handful of retail stores (including one of the old CompUSA outlets here in Tampa).

That means the only thing of value left from two former retail juggernauts - CompUSA and Circuit City is the domain names and associated trademarks. Systemax has hired IP auctioneer Hilco Streambank to sell off those 

assets. The CompUSA packages includes 141 associated domain names, led by CompUSA.com, and the Circuit City package has 138 associated domain names, including CircuitCity.com.

Unlike open bidding auctions, this sale requires interested parties to submit private offers that will be reviewed, with the best of those then selected for further discussion and negotiation. Hilco said they expect the process to result in an offer being selected and a transaction closed within 30 days of submission. Hilco has set an August 15, 2013 deadline for initial bids to be submitted. 

If you have ever wanted to try to put Humpty Dumpty back together again - this could be your chance!

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High End Domain Sales Continue Comeback With $380,000 Sale of  Body.com But Half Million Dollar Deal for MD.org Goes South With High Bidder Getting Sued

Earlier this week we broke the news about 114.com selling for $2.1 million in the highest domain sale reported so far this year. The previous top sale had been reported just the week before when it was learned that Brand.com had changed hands for $500,000. Now comes news this afternoon, in a message from Paul Nicks, the Aftermarket Product Director at Go Daddy, that they just closed a $380,000 sale for Body.com. Nicks told us, "Body.com was listed via our partnership with Sedo and sold from GoDaddy.com as a make offer listing."

So, in just the past two weeks, 2013's three biggest reported domain sales have entered the books (we will officially chart Body.com in our next weekly domain sale report next Wednesday (July 17) . We are also aware of some very large sales that have not been made public due to non disclosure agreements (one of those well into seven figures). It is still 


= $380,000 Sale

probably too early to make a definitive call, but after a long recession-fueled drought at the high end of the domain market, it looks like things are starting to turn. 

No Sale image from Bigstock

Speaking of high end domain sales, ever since a NameJet auction for MD.org ended with a winning bid of $555,650 in April, we have been checking the WhoIs record regularly for a change of ownership. We do not consider a domain sold (and thus eligible for our charts) until it has been paid for and transferred to the new owner. That hasn't happened with MD.org and now, after a post from Michael Berkens at TheDomains.com, we know why. 

According to Michael's report, the seller of MD.org, Privacy LLC, and NameJet have filed suit against the alleged high bidder in the auction, Scott Ross, for non-payment. The suit also indicated the plaintiffs  believe attorney/entrepreneur Ari Goldberger and his partner, veteran investor, Larry Fischer, may have been part of a group backing the bid (and thus liable for payment in the plaintiffs' view) with Ross acting primarily as an agent in placing the bid.

Michael noted, "The Plaintiffs asked the court to award General compensatory damages of “not less than $300,000″, plus the $555,650 representing the winning bid placed under Scott Ross’ NameJet Account, attorneys fees and costs of the suit, and pre and post-judgment interest.”  At this early stage in the matter, none of those mentioned in the suit, all well-known veteran industry players, have commented on the allegations (and in most cases parties to such disputes will not comment outside of legal channels). As is the case with any civil suit, the court will listen to both sides of the story and decide whether or not the plaintiff's claims have merit.

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New Partnership Between IP Neighborhood and Fabulous.com Expands Market for Premium Domains  


Andrew Wright
Sales & Marketing Manager

Intellectual Property intelligence firm IP Neighborhood and professional domain services provider Fabulous.com have joined forces in a new partnership that the two companies said will showcase thousands of premium domain names for sale worldwide. Fabulous.com is a leading registrar and supplier of domain monetization and management services, as well as a reseller of aftermarket domains with a searchable catalog (at FabulousDomains.com) stocked with more than 500,000 domain names.  

Fabulous.com's Sales and Marketing Manager, Andrew Wright, said "We have partnered with IP Neighborhood to enhance and grow our Domain Distribution Network (DDN). IP Neighborhood is well known for their extensive intellectual property monitoring and domain name research tools. They enable businesses worldwide to find and buy domain names from a range of marketplaces."

Wright added, "Our customers sell high quality, generic .com .net and .org domains, ideally suited for small to medium enterprises. As of today, these domains are now available from IP Neighborhood as we have fully integrated into their Aftermarkets search via an API. When one of our customers lists a domain name for sale with us, it's going to appear on IP Neighborhood."

IP Neighborhood Director Simon Johnson said, "Fabulous.com and the DDN have been a cornerstone of the domain name industry for many years. While we are arguably the largest independent marketplace of domain names,  incorporating premium domain names from Fabulous adds real, tangible value. This partnership enables our customers to purchase high quality domain names immediately, without having to go through an auction process."

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The First 7-Figure Sale Reported This Year is in the Books - $2.1 Million Domain Goes to Chinese Buyer 

Seven-figure domain sales have been few and far between in recent years. Only two were reported all of last year and none had been reported this year - until this post. We have learned that an unnamed Chinese company, working through a New York based representative, has purchased the domain 114.com for a whopping $2.1 million in cash (plus an $18,690 escrow fee) in a private transaction. The deal went  through Escrow.com and a party to the sale gave Escrow.com permission to confirm the price that was reported to us. 

It is not yet known what 114.com will

Million dollar bills image from Bigstock

be used for (as of this writing the domain still resolves to a Sedo parking page). However, a former broker of this domain told us he understood "114" meant "information" to many Chinese consumers. So, we reached out to a Chinese speaking friend who told us "This is a very unique domain. It is like 411 (a phone number used for information in the U.S.) and more. People can also call 114 to reserve hotels, restaurants, etc."

In the 10 years we have been tracking aftermarket sales for our weekly domain sales reports, this is (by far) the highest reported price ever paid for a numeric domain. 114.com is a virtual certainty to be the #1 domain on our new weekly Top 20 Domain Sales Chart when it comes out Wednesday evening. That will also put it at the top of our Year To Date Top 100 Sales Chart, more than quadrupling the $500,000 price reported just this past week for the current leader, Brand.com

The fact that the year's two biggest sales have been reported in the past two weeks may lead some to speculate that the improving economy is generating a return of blockbuster sales but it is probably a little too early to put on the party hats. Still, this kind of news can only be viewed as a good thing for the domain market and for the numeric domain category.

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REParking.com Creates New Path to Better Revenue From Mortgage and Real Estate Domains



REParking.com Founder Sean Sullivan

BankAds.com CEO & Co-Founder Sean Sullivan has long believed the key to getting the best domain monetization results is to end reliance on  the usual search engine channels and build direct advertiser relationships in specific verticals. That's exactly what Sullivan and his team did with financial services domains at BankAds.com - unlocking previously untapped revenue from  finance, banking, credit card and insurance related domains. Now, Sullivan is targeting a new vertical - real estate and mortgage domains with the beta launch of REParking.com

Having built many direct advertiser relationships in the real estate/mortgage field, Sullivan said REParking.com is able to pay domain owners for things like form leads and live call leads, in addition to the usual pay per click revenue  that those parking such domains were limited to in the past. What's more, Sullivan said there are also options for domain owners to receive compensation for all U.S. traffic on a CPM (cost per thousand) basis.

Sullivan said REParking.com is powered by patent pending advertising technology that did 

not exist until now. He believes that,  coupled with the direct advertiser relations the company has worked meticulously to build, gives them a unique position in the monetization space.  "We've been meeting with advertisers to understand the challenges that they face and then building advertising solutions that meet their needs and still bring even more revenue opportunity to the domain owner," Sullivan said.

At the present time, REParking.com is in invitation only Beta mode, so any domain owner who is interested in using the solution is encouraged to visit the site and register. They are looking for domains (with a focus on .com, .net and .org) that receive traffic from the U.S. and are related to the mortgage and real estate industry. Sullivan said geo-targeted domains like SeattleMortgage.com and MiamiRealEstate.com are examples of the kinds of domains that would be good fits for the REParking system. You can learn much more about REParking.com in this article at DNSR.com.

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Partnership With Marchex Gives DevHub's Rapid  Development Platform a Major Boost 

EVO Media Group's rapid website development platform, DevHub.com, has been venture-backed Seattle-based company's flagship operation for several years now. DevHub, designed to help small businesses quickly establish a web presence on their own domain, started with a focus 

on individual enterprises and large portfolio owners who wanted to turn more of their domains into functioning websites. DevHub still services those markets but it is also making major inroads in other areas by offering its technology as a private label website building solution

DevHub's latest partner on that side of the business is publicly traded large portfolio owner Marchex, who will be using DevHub's private label website and mobile site builder to power landing pages for their tens of thousands of local business advertising campaigns. Brooks McMahon, the Senior Vice President of Local at Marchex, said, “Partnering with DevHub has enabled 


our product team to spend more time focusing on what we do best – boosting advertising performance. We’re excited to be able to offer a more efficient, scalable landing page solution to our local partners and their local business advertisers."

EVO Media Group President and Co-Founder Mark Michael said DevHub is already powering over 100,000 paid websites and/or mobile sites, offered by nearly 30 channel partners. With the addition of Marchex to their client list Michael said EVO is positioned to grow into a global platform for powering small businesses online. You can take a tour of the company's service offerings here.

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Dollars From Donuts: New gTLD Registry Operator Invests in More People and New Office Space

One of the key players in the upcoming launch of hundreds of new gTLDs - registry operator Donuts Inc. - is continuing to gear up for the arrival of new domain extensions with big investments in people and office space. On Monday the company announced the opening of a new office in Calabasas, California (in L.A. County, just northwest of Los Angeles) where its sales and marketing efforts will be based.

At the same time Donuts announced the addition of six new members to an international team the company has put together to build channel relationships and prepare for the next phases of ICANN's new gTLD program (ICANN has cleared more than a third of the nearly 2,000 applications for new gTLDs and is expected to begin delegating the names later this year).  

Those joining Donuts in the new Calabasas office are:

Bob SamuelsonVice President Sales & Marketing – Most recently with Adobe Systems, Samuelson brings more than a decade of experience in the Internet and domain name industries.

Alina Syunkova Director Sales & Marketing USA, Affinity Partnerships – Fluent in English and Russian, Syunkova most recently led coordination efforts between ICANN’s staff and Board of Directors.

Michele Jourdan - Director Sales & Marketing USA, Affinity Partnerships – A seasoned PR and marketing professional, Jourdan helped develop and lead ICANN’s new gTLD outreach effort.  

Also hired to expand Donuts Inc's  U.S. and international reach were:  

·     Matt Bamonte - Director Sales & Marketing USA, Registrar Channel (Wilmington, Del.) – Bamonte joins Donuts from the Corporation Service Company, where he led successful domain name marketing campaigns.

·     Amy ReppDirector Sales & Marketing Europe, Affinity Partnerships (London) – Repp brings extensive experience in customizing and managing new gTLD applications in previous roles.

·     Jenny White - Director Sales & Marketing Europe, Registrar Channel (London) – White brings more than a decade of domain name industry experience both from an operational perspective as well as registrar relations.

Donuts Co-Founder and  Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Dan Schindler said, "New gTLDs are the next evolutionary step in online identity and represent the largest expansion of the namespace since the commercial phase of the Internet. Donuts will ensure end users worldwide are informed about the benefits available to them. Our team of industry experts is already at work with our partners around the world.”

For newcomers not familiar with Donuts, the company was founded last year by a group of  well-known domain industry veterans backed by over $100 million in investment capital. The company describes itself as "a domain name registry that is widening competition and choice in Internet identities through hundreds of new top-level domain name choices, securely operated in multiple languages and character sets. Donuts is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington with offices in Southern California and Washington, D.C. 

Dan Schindler, Donuts Co-Founder &
Executive VP, Sales & Marketing

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New DomainsBot Name Suggestion Tool is First to Recommend TLDs As Well As Keywords

Most of you are familiar with the name suggestion tools offered by many domain registrars 
(a service most often provided to  them by Domainsbot.com). You type in a keyword or

phrase you are considering for a domain name and the tool returns a number of similar or related choices - something that is especially helpful when your first choice had already been taken or you want several options to choose from.  

Today DomainsBot added a new twist to its popular offering by launching the TLD Recommendation Engine, billing it as the first Top Level Domain recommendation service. The company describes it as "a program that replaces the current static domain search process with one that services multiple relevant TLDs. This new tool offers greater opportunity for registrars as well as registrants who purchase relevant and multiple domain names."

DomainsBot CEO and Chief Data Scientist Emiliano Pasqualetti  said, “Finding relevant and available domain names has been frustrating for registrants. With the introduction of hundreds of new gTLDs  registrants have an unprecedented quantity of options. DomainsBot TLD Recommendation Engine is analogous to the well-known recommendation engines of Amazon.com and Netflix. Users of those services receive relevant suggestions and interact with an interface designed to improve user experience and boost transactions. DomainsBot TLD Recommendation Engine brings this same powerful technology to the domain name industry.”

The company says The TLD Recommendation Engine works by showing the registrant a list of the most relevant TLD offered for their specific domain query, based on metrics that include content analysis of popular and relevant websites, frequency analysis of searched and registered domains, social media data mining and geographical targeting. Registrars can also submit custom content to personalize a registrant’s user experience.

Emiliano Pasqualetti
DomainsBot CEO

Several leading registrars have already begun rolling out the new TLD Relevancy Search engine. Chris Sheridan, VP of Business Development at eNom/Demand Media said, “Selecting TLDs by relevance creates a better end-user experience which is a key factor in the success of the new gTLD program. We are excited to provide this technology to our partners.”

Doug Schneider, Executive Vice President of SMB Solutions at another large registrar, Melbourne IT,  added, "The arrival of new Top Level Domains means customers will be faced with more domain choices than ever before, and to make sure customers find the right domain a more dynamic search is needed to cover all the possibilities. We think the new DomainsBot search will help customers discover new TLDs and enhance their experience when purchasing from our website."

The DomainsBot TLD Recommendation Engine is free to registrars and resellers that currently use the DomainsBot Name Suggestion API. To sample a demo version of the TLD Recommendation Engine you can visit http://demo.domainsbot.com. To learn more about the TLD Recommendation Engine, you can contact Emiliano Pasqualetti at [email protected]

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